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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Nintendo DS E S Another Code: Two Memories Nintendo 2005 Adventure

CountryMembernameView CollectionCommentsQtyBoxManPM
 123456789View Collection 111PM
wakefieldAlabama-ShrimpView Collection 111PM
 alkView Collection 111PM
 amiganerView Collection 110PM
WenduinecaligariView Collection 111PM
 ConfiusionView Collection 0106PM
 Darth SidiousView Collection 111PM
ChemnitzericeskapadeView Collection 111PM
 estebanrodrView CollectionVersión PAL España110PM
 evilnateView Collection111PM
 gemamabeView Collection 111PM
 gerardius84View Collection 000PM
 incominggameView Collection 100PM
 JuganawtView Collection 000PM
LeimuidenKam1Kaz3 NL77View Collection 111PM
 khazView Collection 111PM
 killerkidnerView Collection 111PM
 Maciej LewandowskiView Collectioncomplete111PM
 maz35View Collection 100PM
 MegamanZeroAlfaView Collection 000PM
 Mobat555View Collection 000PM
 RafeCakesView Collection 111PM
 REFanView Collection111PM
BucrestirodarkoneView Collection 000PM
 roleplayerView Collection111PM
 saalarView Collection000PM
sharpView Collection000PM
SirginView Collection 111PM
 sniper7860View Collection 000PM
 spillsjappaView Collection 1111PM
 WhiskeyvoiceView Collection 111PM
XeviousView Collection 111PM

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