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Chat. It's a fun thing, and we here at RF Generation have our own little IRC chat room. There, we can talk about pretty much anything, but we try to keep it to discussing gaming and collecting topics, with the occasional off the wall topic. It just wouldn't be fun without those occasional off the wall topics. So, perhaps you are interested in joining us? Well, it's pretty easy.

RF Generation Chat is hosted on Quakenet, a lovely IRC network with many, many channels. It's really easy to connect with a program such as mIRC or Chatzilla, here is the connection info if you wish to join via an external program:

Server: irc.quakenet.org
Channel: #rfgeneration

If you don't have an external IRC program, or just aren't technically savvy, why not try using the QuakeNet WebChat page?

RFGeneration on QuakeNet

Not a fan of IRC? Already using Discord? Connect with us there!

Click here to join the server!

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