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If Super Mario didnt have that music, would it be so popular? Okay, it might be, but we would not feel the nostalgia every time we hear the main theme. Almost every one of us can recite that music and recognize it whenever we hear it. Another great example is Road Rash. The low-resolution bike game became widely popular just because of its music and gameplay.

The prime thing to understand here is that the game soundtrack is what makes a game more memorable. And to this day, this statement stands correct. The super interactive games of the 21st century have some mind-blowing soundtracks. The music not only syncs well with the gameplay but also motivates the players to give their best.

Here are some games that have the best soundtracks.

The Elder Scrolls V

The open-world role-playing games are what almost all of us like today. And when they come with synchronized soundtracks, everything seems to come together. This Elder Scrolls V is a game of swords and dragons. It is the perfect example of marvelous gameplay and an astonishing soundtrack.

The team of The Elder Scrolls V hired Jeremy Soule to compose the music of the game. And that man did an excellent job of bringing the essence of the game to life. The theme of the game Dragonborn was composed with the help of 30 people singing collectively in the fictional dragon language. Refer to the link and hear the soundtrack. It proves its worth to be on this list.

God of War

God of War is probably the game that all of us have played. If you have, then you would agree with its inclusion on this list. The most recent version of this action-packed saga in 2018 was a remarkable hit for Sony.

Not just because of brilliantly mastered graphics, characters, plot but also because of the music. The person behind the God of War soundtracks and music was none other than Bear McCreary. He is well-known for his work in shows like Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead.

Initially, he wanted to work on the music from scratch. However, when he heard the music from the previous games, he was inspired by the deep choirs, shrieking brass, and pounding drums sounds. Based on that and his research about Viking music, he came out with some brilliant tracks.

Monument Valley

Most of the games have heavy music, but music is not just about heavy beats and bass. Light strings also tend to soothe a persons mind while providing entertainment. It is what the music artists of Monument Valley had in their minds.

The simple yet entertaining game is all about mazes that include optical illusions and impossible objects.

This beautiful and adventurous journey of the character Ida is backed by some soothing soundtracks.

These have a mixture of gentle and smooth instrumental and atmospheric music. It is best for those who like to keep their game-playing experience light. As a cherry on top, the games stunning soundtrack got an exclusive vinyl release.

The makers of these soundtracks are Todd Baker, Stafford Bawler, Obfusc, and Grigori.


Just like other games, it is also an action-adventure game that has multiple installments. The most recent version of Uncharted was released in 2017. The game elaborates the journey of Nathan Drake across the world to unravel various historical mysteries.

The game franchise is counted among one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time. Why? Well, it has been praised by critics for its immersive graphics, gameplay mechanics, storytelling, and compelling soundtrack.

If we talk about music, Greg Edmonson really outdid himself by bringing in the brass chorale effect and some thunderous drumming in the game. The soundtracks of the game like Nates theme, Uncharted island, and Treasure Vault will surely set the mood for you.

Halo 3

When it comes to shooting games, Halo always stands among the top choices for users. The game is not just a culmination of trailblazing graphics and smooth gameplay, but it also nurtures the players mind with awesome sound effects and music.

The masters behind the adrenaline-pumping soundtracks of Halo are Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori. The background score produced by them includes a gentle choral accompanied by serious orchestral clout and an electric guitar. The powerful yet streamlined beats of the music will surely refresh the scenes of action and heroism in your mind.

Final Words

You have to admit that gameplay and music are co-dependent. It means that you may never be able to enjoy the game if any of them is missing. However, one issue that some of you might face is getting the game you want. Prices of games can be enough to make some interested parties turn the other way.

However, many users regard a VPN for gamers as the essential tool they need. For instance, by changing your IP address, you can access early releases in specific regions. Additionally, you can get certain games for better prices at the most popular game distribution stores.

All in all, music is something that game developers must pay close attention to. If it is not enjoyable or suitable for that genre, the game might simply flop.

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