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Choosing which career you want to study is one of the most important steps in your life. If you haven't made up your mind yet, opting for one of the next most employable careers in 2021 can inspire you to make the right decision.

Why is it important to choose a career with high employability?

When you choose a career, most people opt for two options: either the career that they are really passionate about or a career with greater employability like providing service for students who are buying term papers online. In any case, it is important to feel comfortable with the career that you are preparing to study since this will allow you to feel more fulfilled and stand out more among the rest, while a career with greater future work is a safe bet when it comes to having secure and well-paid employment based on demand.

"This 2021 we will look for people with motivation and desire to develop professionally in any sector, in addition to their passion for technology and communications. "Proactivity, the ability to work as a team is essential in the technology sector." "My advice to students is to look for companies that they like and get informed in order to motivate themselves and achieve their goals."

Study a career according to your personal tastes

  • It allows you to develop your studies in a more motivating way.

  • You will achieve better academic results.

  • You can get research grants to continue your work.

  • You will feel more fulfilled personally.

Study a career according to your employability

  • Delve into a profession listed on the market.

  • Discover the guidelines of a world that you have always perceived as alien.

  • You should try harder when it comes to studying and standing out.

  • You will not find obstacles to your professional development.

As you can see, both choices include their pros and cons, although there is one rule that dominates both: the employability of a career, whether due to vocation or interest, will always depend on economic cycles. A factor to take into account in 2021 in which the pandemic has changed our way of seeing the world but, especially, a labor sector that is nourished by new agents of supply and demand.

Don't miss this TED talk by sociologist Liliana Llamas about the need to learn to choose a career based on vocation or employability, but especially on the lifestyle that we want to project in the future.

We will discover which are the careers with the highest employability in 2021 so that you can choose the correct option.

7 careers with greater employability

Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity was already one of the most in-demand professions in the months leading up to the pandemic. However, during 2020 the demand increased disproportionately despite the lack of cybersecurity professionals, as more and more companies have had to carry out the digital transformation as a direct consequence of remote work. As you may have assumed, the cybersecurity career, as such, does not exist. However, you can take one of the careers encompassed in computer science and continue with a specialization in that field. In addition to this option, experts also point to the boom in demand in criminology studies, since it acts as a perfect complement to the cybersecurity specialty.


3 out of 10 psychologists are currently treating more patients than before since the start of the pandemic. Queries about anxiety, depression or insomnia have skyrocketed, and we do not believe that the demand will stop in the next few years. Studying Psychology has become one of the most solid options when it comes to opting for a career with employability since you can also specialize in various branches.


The pandemic forced thousands of teachers to teach classes from home or in classrooms divided by social distancing. Factors that have led to an inordinate demand for teaching professionals. A situation that makes the Primary Education career one of the most employable careers in 2021.

Electronic Engineering

Of the engineering companies with the greatest future, electronics is the most promising, with 97.5% employability. Its application in various fields, especially digital, make it an increasingly popular option. Have you considered studying for a degree in Engineering in Electronics and Industrial Engineering?

Chemistry and Pharmacy

Careers related to the health field have experienced a disproportionate boom due to the pandemic, with studies such as the degree in Chemistry and Pharmacy one of the most demanded given its high employability. Mastering the knowledge of certain drugs, their effects on the patient, and chemical-biological knowledge in relation to hospitals or institutes are some of the many exits of this career.

Marketing Digital

The difference between traditional and digital marketing was already high a few years ago. However, the pandemic has widened that gap completely, especially after the massive digitization of companies. Although Digital Marketing is a specialization, you can first take a bachelor's degree in Marketing and then delve into new subjects.

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