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Imagine playing your favorite game on your PC or console. You go through level after level, expand your knowledge of the plot, win, learn from your mistakes, win again ... and then you go through the last level, feel an adrenaline rush, stretch nicely, and the game is over. Have you imagined?

After a while, having overcome the "game fatigue", you want to know what will happen next with your favorite game world, the main character, or a group of characters. And then you get the news that there will be no new official part of your favorite game or it is not yet planned. And what to do next? To be depressed? In no case!

After all, you can create your mod. This is exactly what the Half-life and Warcraft games fans did, and as a result, we have Counter-Strike and Dota. This is exactly what the fans of Tekken 7 did, developing special Tekken mods for this game.

Step 1 Idea

You got a little sad and then thought about what you liked so much about the game, the continuation of which you would like to see. What would you like to repeat in it, in which direction to develop the plot or add new characters? It is best to express such thoughts on paper, and then they will be more structured.

At this stage, you can think over the main themes of the future game.

Step 2 Preparation

This part of developing your mods is probably the most challenging. At this stage, you need to understand if you can create and program this game yourself or if you need to contact a programmer friend. Also, it is necessary to have at least a preliminary work plan of what you want to do at this stage.

Also, one of the most important tasks at this stage is to find out how the company that owns the rights relates to the development of mods.

Interestingly, after the success and transition to a separate Dota 2 project, Blizzard has reconsidered its attitude to copyright for maps created by fans of mods from Warcraft III. In the new Warcraft III Remastered, all copyrights now belong only to the game developers.

But if you do not plan to disseminate your mod widely and do not intend to monetize or sell it somehow, then when developing a mod "for personal use," you do not need to think about it a lot. But only if you do not plan to distribute this game anywhere and indicate yourself as the author.

Step 3 Implementation

This is a technical point that includes alpha and beta versions and testing.

Step 4 Monetization

This is a crucial stage for those who want to make money on their previous work. Here you need to remember about copyright again, but if you have already figured it out, then now you can think about how to repeat the examples of the best. And in the segment of mod monetization, Dota and Counter-Strike are deservedly considered the best.

History of modding successes

The legendary Dota was initially just one of many thousands (if not millions) user-created maps for Warcraft III.

The first DotA-like map is considered Aeon of Strife for StarCraft strategy. Warcraft III heroes, developing and gaining levels over time, turned out to be a natural continuation of Aeon of Strife. The Defense of the Ancients map, which became the very first in the DotA series, was created by a developer with the pseudonym Eul in 2003.

Then Eul opened the source scripts for this map, and user Guinsoo created DotA Allstars.

But only IceFrog was able to monetize the development of an amateur map truly. Only he could modernize this map so that he was then invited to work at Valve, and thanks to this, DotA 2 was created.

Also, thanks to a mod, another most popular game of our time were created - Counter-Strike. Interestingly, the "original" for it was the Half-Life game by Valve.

Thus, the two most popular esports disciplines of our time were created thanks to mod developers.

Tekken and mods

Tekken is one of the most popular fighting games globally and potentially an excellent universe for modding. Fans of the game have already created several exciting options, but this is far from the limit. Like Warcraft III map versions, there can be a lot of mods for Tekken.

It can be diversified both by adding new characters and by transferring events to other historical eras. This will turn Tekken into a crossover game and could expand the audience. And who knows, maybe Bandai Namco will help someone who comes up with a good idea to improve Tekken.

List of best Tekken 7 mods:

  • Honmaru - Replacement for Mishima Dojo

  • Junny Artwork Mod

  • InfiniteUtopia

  • Monochromatic Goth Alisa

  • Need For Speed OST

  • Tekken 7 Stage Mod - Temple Serenity

  • OrdinaryTekken - Reshade Preset

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