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Collection Description:
2 Atari 2600 [One CX2600A, One "Vader Edition"]
1 Atari 7800 [Original w/ Expansion Slot]
1 Coleco Colecovision [Model 2400]
1 Mattel Intellivision II
3 Microsoft XBOX [One Original, One Halo Special Edition, One Mt. Dew Limited Edition]
2 Microsoft XBOX 360 [Original] [One Halo 3 Special Edition, One Red Resident Evil 5 Edition] (One w/box)
1 Microsoft XBOX One [White Halo: The Master Chief Collection Edition]
1 NEC TurboGrafx 16
1 NEC TurboGrafx 16 CD
2 Nintendo Entertainment System [Original] (One w/box)
1 Nintendo Entertainment System [Model Two] (MIB)
1 Nintendo Famicom [Original]
1 Nintendo Famicom [AV Famicom]
1 Nintendo Famicom Disk System (w/box)
2 Super Nintendo Entertainment System [Original]
2 Super Nintendo Entertainment System [Model Two] (One MIB)
2 Nintendo Super Famicom (One MIB)
4 Nintendo 64 (Three Black, One Fire Orange, Two MIB)
1 Nintendo 64 [Japanese Import]
1 Nintendo Virtual Boy
4 Nintendo Game Boy (Four Grey, Two w/box)
2 Nintendo Game Boy Pocket (Silver, One w/box)
1 Nintendo Game Boy Color (Atomic Purple)
1 Nintendo Game Boy Advance (Indigo)
3 Nintendo Game Boy Advance [Japanese Import] (One Black, Two Spice Orange, One w/box)
1 Nintendo Gamecube (Jet Black w/Jet Black Game Boy Player)
1 Nintendo Gamecube [Japanese Import] (Spice Orange w/Spice Orange Game Boy Player, Both w/box)
1 Nintendo Wii (Limited Editon Red Mario 25th Anniversary Edition w/box)
1 Sega Master System [Original] (MIB)
2 Sega Genesis [Original "High Definition Graphics" Version]
1 Sega Genesis [Model One] (MIB)
2 Sega Genesis [Model Two] (One MIB)
1 Sega Genesis [Model Three]
1 Sega CD [Model One]
1 Sega CD [Model Two] (w/box)
1 Sega 32X (w/box)
1 Sega Saturn [Model One]
1 Sega Saturn [Model Two]
1 Sega Saturn [Model One] [Japanese Import]
4 Sega Dreamcast (Two Black "Sega Sports" Edition, Two White, One MIB)
2 Sega Game Gear (One Light Grey w/box, One Blue)
2 Sony Playstation [PSX]
1 Sony Playstation [PSOne]
1 Sony Playstation 2 [Original]
1 Sony Playstation 2 [Slim

Collection Stats:

Sort By:
Nintendo NES  19 (28%)
Nintendo SNES  17 (25%)
Atari Lynx  9 (13%)
Nintendo Game Boy  5 (7%)
Sega Genesis  5 (7%)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance  4 (6%)
Sony PlayStation  2 (3%)
Atari Jaguar  2 (3%)
Nintendo Game Boy Color  2 (3%)
Atari 2600  1 (1%)
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Collection Images:
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