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Collection Description:
I like thrifting and game hunting, I don't like overpriced games.
Not counting steam  games in my collection ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/FireStarw/ )

Other Game stuff that isn't feasible or im too lazy to add to the DB:
Bung gbxchanger, (With 3 16M carts and CD)
GB 8 in 1 multicart
interact gba sp speakers, gba sp headphones, intec gba case +headphones +battery pak, madcatz car adapter (gb.gg.nomad)
Okitel 1200, Okimate 10(c64 printer)
Raphnet Snes to GC adapter Gen 1, N64 to GC adapter v2
Mayflash GC to Switch/PC adapter
Carby Gamecube HDMI adapter (GCvideo v3)
GCLoader modded gamecube
FXpak Pro, Mega Everdrive x5, GB Everdrive x5, EZ Flash GBA DE
N64 Everdrive x7
Tandy branded 5 1/4 floppy holder, radio shack branded 5 1/4 floppy holder

AC Amiibo Card Packs:
Series 2 (OG) x1
Series 3 (2022 Reprint) x1
Series 4 (2022 Reprint) x1
Series 5 x2

Misc controllers:
Generic PS1 Justifier
Thrustmaster saturn rip-off PC pad
BEBONCOOL Switch Pro Controller

Game Books:

Collection Stats:

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Atari 2600  172 (11%)
Sony PlayStation 2  129 (8%)
Sony PlayStation  105 (7%)
Nintendo Wii  103 (7%)
Microsoft Xbox  84 (6%)
Sega Genesis  82 (5%)
Nintendo GameCube  66 (4%)
Nintendo NES  65 (4%)
Nintendo 64  61 (4%)
Nintendo Switch  51 (3%)
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Collection Images:
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