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Console: Atari 2600
Year: 1981
RFG ID #: U-005-S-05110-A
Part #: CX2610
Developer: Atari
Publisher: Atari
Genre: Action
Sub-genre: Pong
Players: 1-4
Controller: Paddle Controller
Media Format: Cartridge
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This is the story from the manual.

Once long ago in a distant land lived a king named Frederick. He took very good care of his subjects and pretty much let the kingdom run itself. One day King Frederick and his wife, Queen Christina, decided to start a family. To their surprise, Queen Christina soon gave birth to quadruplets. Four healthy sons, all at once. The King and Queen were overwhelmed.

The years passed quickly and Frederick's sons (Dominick, Marcus, Felipe and Restivo) grew to be strong young men. But they were nothing like their kind and peaceful father. They were just the opposite. The four sons of King Frederick fought constantly over anything and everything. Their fighting was so fierce that even the normally unconcerned Frederick became concerned. Left to his violent and competitive sons, his peaceful kingdom could very well be destroyed after he was gone, or perhaps even sooner.

The solution King Frederick decided upon was drastic, but he knew it had to be. Dominick, Marcus, Felipe and Restivo were banished from their homeland and sent far away to a forbidden land. There they became warlords, dividing the newly acquired territory into four equal sectors, which incidentally, was the first and last thing they ever agreed upon. They then took to building their own castles, after which the battling resumed and never ended. They stopped catapulting fireballs and lightning balls at one another only long enough to rebuild their damaged and war torn castles. After repairs were made, the fighting always began again with renewed ferocity.

So King Frederick's warlords have been battling for many centuries and now it's up to you to carry on their long-standing feud. Dominick, Marcus, Felipe and Restivo have been locked inside this Game Program. They've stored up enough fireballs and lightning balls so that they'll never run out, and neither will you. They can hardly wait to do battle. So good luck, you're in for some fierce competition.


In a time when knights defended their kingdoms from dragons, evil-doers, and opposing armies, it was up to the Warlords to be the last line of defense. Battling for position was crucial in these times. Every King wanted to control as much land as possible, and allies only lasted as long as the dinner that night. Grab a shield and sword and get to battle.

Now Warlords is an incredible concept that is executed almost prefectly. In Warlords, you are a knight that is defending a fortress from three invading armies. You must knock a fireball back and forth to destroy the opposing castles. If you can locate the fireball to the inside of an enemy's fortress, then you will destroy their kingdom. If the enemy gets the fireball inside your fortress, you will die. Now, when I say fireball, I really mean a ball that is bounced back and forth between paddles. I am not comparing this game to Pong. That's a different game. Really, it is.

Ok, ok. I know you're sitting there thinking: It's a ball bouncing back and forth with paddles. It's Pong. But I say: Stop it! It's so much more than that. In Pong you only need to concern yourself with moving the paddle back and forth in order to knock it back to the opponent. In Warlords, you need to be worried with 3 other paddles, and you need to move the paddle on a 90 degree angle. It makes the game so much more dimensional. Also, if you miss the ball, you don't lose right away. In fact, you can and will miss the ball a few times, but just don't let the ball get to the middle of your castle. So, you see, this is not Pong. However, a closer parallel would be if Pong and Breakout had a bastard child. Warlords is what would be produced. Remember children. Wear protection...please (end public service announcement). And in all seriousness, in Pong you are hitting a ball. Warlords uses a fireball. A FIREball. There's just no comparison! Duh.

Ok. Back to the game. There is another feature that sets Warlords apart from everything else. This is one of the few games that can actually be four player. Since the paddles are two to a cord, you can plug in two sets and play with three other friends. This versatility makes this game so enjoyable.

Now that you know the joy that is Warlords, get off your butt and get that Atari 2600 out of your closet. Put in Warlords and play a real game. The fun gameplay, memorable sound effects, and lasting replay value will let you enjoy this game for a long time to come. So grab three friends, a case of your favorite beverage, and have a great night of classic gaming.

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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Atari 2600 E S Warlords Atari 1981 Action
Atari 2600 J S Warlords Atari 1983 Action
Atari 2600 U S Warlords [Rerelease] Atari 1986 Action
Atari 2600 United States S Warlords [Limited Edition] Atari 2022 Action
Game Trivia:

  • 23 different modes for varied gameplay.
Game Credits:


   Carla Meninsky

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