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Adventure Island, Hudson's [Round Seal]
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Console: Nintendo NES
Year: 1988
RFG ID #: U-027-S-00130-A
Part #: NES-TB-USA
UPC: 039854000010
Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Genre: Platformer
Sub-genre: 2D Platformer
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 1 Meg
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You just found out that Princess Leilani was kidnapped by the Evil Witch Doctor and taken to Adventure Island in the South Pacific. You land on Adventure Island without weapons or food. The Island is thick with tropical forest, mountains and caves. Hidden on the island are your skateboard, axe, food, and other helpful tools you must find by exploring the island. Better find the weapons and food quickly because you will need them to fight the Witch Doctor's soldiers, snakes, bats, and demons. The Evil Witch Doctor has set lots of traps for you before you can face him one on one. Are you up for the challenge? Can you live through Adventure Island to save Princess Lailani?!


Crabmaster2000's Review:

Adventure Island plays very similar to most other Platformers of the time. Objective: run to the right and get to the end. Fight a boss at the end of the fourth level. Repeat. A few things make this game unique however.

Its absolutely insane how many secrets are stashed away. From power ups, to score boosters to secret levels there is a good chance you'll just stumble across a heap of them by accident. The down side is that if you are moving too quickly you'll uncover the secret, but it will have left the screen by the time you realized what you'd done. This is quite frustrating, because they are extremely helpful most times.

Master Higgins (who looks an awful lot like an 8-bit Ron Jeremy) is your character. He starts with absolutely no offensive or defensive moves. He is vulnerable to anything. After cracking open a few eggs you'll hopefully have found a Tomahawk to use as a weapon. In later levels this Tomahawk is so important it can make a level that seems impossible without it like a cakewalk when equipped. If you're lucky enough to find a secret egg with the Fireball upgrade, you'll be one happy Higgins. Now he can destroy rocks and boulders. Also very helpful in later levels.

In addition to the levels all ready being pretty challenging by themselves, you're on the clock. But not just a standard timer. A power meter will slowly be depleting as you run around and can only be filled by eating. So grabbing fruits, vegetables, and the occasional milk hatched from an egg will keep you alive long enough to fight the Witch Doctor who stole your lady friend.

This game is well known for its intense difficulty, but I was saddened by the lack of variety and challenge when facing the boss of each level. Its the same guy every time. The only difference is he is wearing a different mask and takes a few more hits.

All in all this is actually a very short game, but the extremely high (yet fair, unlike some NES games) difficulty should keep you busy for some time. I should be able to beat this game in around an hour, but because of all the deaths and restarts it ends up taking me closer to four. Its a great game and if you missed out on it or just haven't played in a while, I encourage you to find a copy and give it solid chance.

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Nintendo NES FR, NL S Adventure Island Classic Hudson Soft 1992 Platformer
Nintendo NES United Kingdom S Adventure Island Classic Hudson Soft 1992 Platformer
Nintendo NES Spain S Adventure Island Classic Hudson Soft 1992 Platformer
Nintendo NES Germany S Adventure Island Classic Hudson Soft 1992 Platformer
Nintendo NES U S Adventure Island, Hudson's [Oval Seal] Hudson Soft 1989 Platformer
Nintendo Famicom J S Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima Hudson Soft 1986 Platformer
Nintendo Famicom J S Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima [FamicomBox] Nintendo 1986 Platformer
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