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Console: Sega Genesis
Year: 1991
RFG ID #: U-040-S-02240-A
Part #: T-49066
UPC: 720238100609
Developer: Telenet Japan
Publisher: Renovation
Genre: Classic Shooter
Sub-genre: 2D Horizontal
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 8 Meg
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Mother Earth has been turned into an environmental wasteland by careless humans. Now, the human race has one last chance to save Earth.. With your help.

The United Star Cluster of Leezaluth, the governing empire of the Galaxy, has sent a warning to the humans: "To any surviving humans - An inter-galactic terrorist group known as Gulfer is planning to invade your planet and use your polluted waste to build weapons. You humans must stop Gulfer, or we will be forced to super-nova your sun and destroy the Earth to stop them. But if you can stop Gulfer, we will give you a new planet like Earth to live on."

Unfortunately, Earth can no longer afford to maintain a standing army or military. But there is still one brave hero willing to fight for survival of Earth. He is Dan Dare, a young ace-pilot. Alexis, the messenger from Leezaluth, was awed by Dan's fighting spirit and decided to stay with him. She modified Dan's spacecraft and is now the navigator of the TOZ weapons system on Dan's ship.

The last epic struggle for the survival of the Human Race and Mother Earth has just begun... All our fates rest in your hands.


Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sega Mega Drive J S Gaiares RENO 1990 Classic Shooter
Game Trivia:

    Released in February 1991.
FAQ's/External Links:


  • D-Pad: Moves your ship in the direction pressed.
  • A: Adjusts your ship's speed, ranging from Low to Max.
  • B: Fires your main weapon. Hold down the button for rapid fire.
  • C: Fires the TOZ. The TOZ is used to absorb the weapons from enemies encountered throughout the game, but cannot be used on bosses. The TOZ can also protect your ship from certain projectiles.
Game Credits:


Game Design
Masayasu Yamamoto
Koji Yokota

Character Design
T. Iwata
Koji Yokota

Graphic Design
T. Iwata
Y. Kuzumoto
Koji Yokota

Masayasu Yamamoto

Shinobu Ogawa

Special Thanks
Yoshinobu Abe
Jiro Fukushima
Kazuyuki Fukushima
Takashi Fukushima
Yuji Fukushima
Eiji Kikuchi
T. Kinoshita
T. Matsuzawa
Tomoko Miura
K. Ohta
Yoshihisa Shimizu
A. Suzuki
Takeharu Umezu
Yoshiki Yamauchi

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