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Console: Sega Genesis 32X
Year: 1994
RFG ID #: U-055-S-00080-A
Part #: 84506
UPC: 010086845068
Developer: id Software / Sega of America
Publisher: Sega
M (ESRB): Animated Blood and Gore , Animated Violence

Genre: Shooter
Sub-genre: First Person Shooter
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: Cartridge 24 Meg
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  • 415 of 7611 collectors (5.4%) have this game in their collection
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Overview is from the back of the box.

All Hell has run amok! Monstrous demons from another dimension use their gruesome talents to turn your space station into a blood-splattered slaughterhouse.

  • They got black magic. You got fire power. Fireballs and lost souls face shotguns, chainsaw, and rocket launchers!
  • Virtual reality point of view slides you smoothly through the haunted chambers and corridors of Doom.
  • Butcher the hordes of Hell. Or get butchered, if you don't have the skill and pure guts to SAVE YOUR SKIN!
  • Variations:

    Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
    Sega Mega 32X Brazil S Doom Tec Toy 1995 Shooter
    Sega Mega Drive 32X E S Doom Sega 1994 Shooter
    Sega Mega Drive 32X Portugal S Doom Ecofilmes 1994 Shooter
    Sega Super 32X J S Doom Sega 1994 Shooter
    Game Credits:

    id Software Team

    Biz Guy
    Jay Wilbur

    Biz Assist
    Donna Jackson

    Biz Software Engineers
    John Carmack
    John Romero
    Dave Tyalor
    Shawn Green

    Adrain Carmack
    Kevin Cloud
    Joby Wood

    Sandy Petersen
    American McGee

    Robert Prince

    Doom Logo
    Don Punchatz

    Sega Team

    Jesse Taylor

    Assistant Producers
    Vince Nason
    Greg Becksted

    Product Manager
    Tim Dunley

    Product Specialist
    Nemer Velasquez

    Jonathan Flamm
    Bob Hardy
    Unni Pillai
    Toshi Morita

    Jenny Martin
    Suzie Breene

    Brain Coburn

    Sega Team Cont:

    Game Lead
    Michael Baldwin

    Assistant Game Leads
    Joel Breton
    Chris Lucich
    Matt Underwood

    Fernando Valderrama
    Aaron Loichinger
    Kim Rogers
    Ben Cureton
    Lloyd Kinoshita
    Aaron Hommer

    Carol Ann Hanshaw
    Jay Wilbur

    Special Thanks
    Haven Dubrul
    Dave Albert
    Bob Lindsey Doria Sanchez

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    Eddie Herrmann: Perl script.
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