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Alternate Title:Dark Stone
Console: Sony PlayStation
Year: 2001
RFG ID #: U-061-S-02890-A
Part #: SLUS-01182
UPC: 710425230257
Developer: Delphine Software International
Publisher: Take-Two Interactive
T (ESRB): Animated Blood and Gore

Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: CD-ROM x1
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Extra Media:

Manual Back Cover
Inside case art
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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sony PlayStation Germany S Darkstone - Bruderschaft Des Lichts Electronic Arts 2001 RPG
Sony PlayStation A S Darkstone - Evil Reigns Electronic Arts 2001 RPG
Sony PlayStation United Kingdom S Darkstone - Evil Reigns Electronic Arts 2001 RPG
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  • Digital/Left Analog - Walk/Run
  • Right Analog - Rotate Camera/Zoom-in/Zoom-Out
  • R1 Button - Fastspell 2/Fastskill 2
  • R2 Button - Belt 2
  • L1 Button - Fastspell 1/Fastskill 1
  • L2 Button - Belt 1
  • Triangle Button - Change Camera View/Return to previous screen
  • Square Button Character Inventory Screen
  • Circle Button - Use item/Pick up/Open/Converse
  • X Button - Attack/Confirm
  • Start Button - Game Menu or Options
  • Select Button - Map
Easter Eggs:

  • There is a Cash Glitch, In which you must Talk to Gunther the Blacksmith and go to the Priest section and Purchase the Mace, which cost 3045gp(NOTE: you must at least be level 3 before you can get this item.), and then immediately sell it, which it would give you 3625gp. So you can keep doing this until you max out
Game Credits:

  • Executive Producer:

    Sam Houser
  • Chief Technical Officer:

    Gary J. Foreman
  • Head Of Production:

    Jamie King
  • Producer:

    Rich Rosado
  • Associate Producer:

    Neil J. McCaffrey
  • Production Staff:

    Terry Donovan, Kevin Gill, Jennifer Kolbe, Jung Kwak, Jeff Castaneda, Amy Salzman, Corey Wade, Brian Wood, Stanton Sarjeant
  • Technical Coordinator:

    Brandon Rose
  • QA Manager:

    Jeff Rosa
  • Lead Analysts:

    Joe Greene, Jeremy Pope
  • Analysts:

    Rich Hule, Mark Garone, Adam Davidson, Lanxe Willams
  • Talonsoft QA:

    Phil Santiago, Chien Yu, Scott Wilson, Mike Ma, Lisa Nawrot, Pete Stewart, Kathy Richardson

Darkstone Song

  • Lyrics & Singing:

  • Audren Music written & performed by:

    Christopher Rime

Darkstone Video Clip

  • Producer & Storyboard & editing:

    Hierry Levastre, David Tessier
  • Sound Effects:

    Johnathan Liebling
  • Art:

    Jean-Michel Ponzio, Nicolas Bournay
  • International relation & product manager:

    Marie-Pierre Meyrignac
  • Legal Matters:

    Marie-Pierre Meyrignac
  • Development director:

    Bertrand Gibert
  • Marketing & Communication Manager:

    Samantha Woods Marie-Rose
  • Executive Producer:

    Philippe Delamarre
  • Test Manager:

    Frederic Pierrat
  • Test Team:

    Jean-Louis Bruneau, Jean-Pierre Geuguen, Erwan Imbault, nn Mathieu Micout
  • Story Editor:

    Mathieu Gaborit
  • Dialogue Editor: Jean-Luc Dumont
  • Casting & audio recording:

    Knockin' Boots Production
  • Quality assurance:

    Samy "Lord Minus" Ben Romdane
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