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Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
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Console: Sony PlayStation
Year: 2000
RFG ID #: U-061-S-04910-A
Part #: SLUS-01115
UPC: 719593050056
Developer: Tose Software
Publisher: Natsume
E (ESRB): Use of Alcohol

Genre: Simulator
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: CD-ROM x1
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Now I know what you're thinking: "A 'farm simulator', how much fun can that possibly be?" The answer is: very. Harvest Moon is one the most fun and most in-depth games ever made. The story is simple: you inherit your grandfather's neglected farm, and your job is to rebuild it to something your grandfather would respect within three years. This is quite a challenge. When you first start, the farm is in shambles. The field is over grown with weeds, rocks, and trees. Your first job is to clean up the field.

Play Harvest Moon for a little bit and you'll find it hard to put down. The game is just plain addicting. You start out with a simple hoe, hammer, cycle, watering can, axe, and $250.00. You can go into town to buy some seeds to plant in your field, and then you can harvest them for profit, or give them to the town's people to encourage friendship. Once you have gathered enough money, and go mining, you can upgrade your tools with the minerals that you collect from mining. Upgrading your tools is an important part in the game and it will save you time and energy. After cutting enough wood and saving up some more money, you can upgrade your chicken coop, house, barn, and green house.

What kind of a farm would be complete without animals? You can buy chickens from your neighbor and as you care for your chickens their eggs become more valuable. You can either sell them, or put them in the incubator and hatch another chicken. Cows and sheep are also for sale two farms down. You can keep them in your barn, and sell the milk and wool. You can also sell your animals (with chickens this is the better idea).

The controls are simple. You only move Up, Down, Left, and Right. No need to worry about confusing combos or fast paced game play. All you have to manage is your time left in the day, and your stamina. Once your stamina is out, you lose whatever time is left in the day and the whole next day.

The sound is Harvest Moon's one draw back. It has about six different songs, and they are about four or five notes each and they just play over and over. This little problem can be easily fixed though. All you have to do is put on a CD and listen to that instead.

Keep in mind Harvest Moon isn't for everyone. There isn't any action like in Final Fantasy. But if you're open minded enough to play a game where the most action you get is from cutting wood, then Harvest Moon will not disappoint. From beginning to end, Harvest Moon is just plain fun. With the only drawback being the music, I give Harvest Moon: Back To Nature a Whopping 95%.

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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sony PlayStation J S Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon [PlayStation the Best] Natsume 2000 RPG
Sony PlayStation J S Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Natsume 1999 RPG
Sony PlayStation United Kingdom S Harvest Moon: Back To Nature Natsume 2001 RPG
Sony PlayStation Germany S Harvest Moon: Back To Nature Natsume 2001 RPG
Sony PlayStation U S Harvest Moon: Back to Nature [Trade Demo] Natsume Simulator

Left Analog Stick
Move character/menu cursor
Right Analog Stick
Move character/menu cursor
Whistle for dog
Wistle for horse
View rucksack/item descriptions
Use tool
Cancel option
Select menu/harvest crops/pick up/drop items
Changes equipped tools
Add/removew items in rucksack
Pauses game/opens status screen
Open map screen
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