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Dark Cloud
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Console: Sony PlayStation 2
Year: 2001
RFG ID #: U-072-S-00310-A
Part #: SCUS-97111
UPC: 711719711124
Developer: Level-5
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)
T (ESRB): Comic Mischief , Violence

Genre: RPG
Sub-genre: Action/City-Building
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: DVD x1
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From the back of the box:

Revival... of an ancient evil once banished.
Rebirth... of a land once destroyed.
Renewal... of a love once lost.

Two great continents, one an advanced civilization driven by progress and technology; the other, where nature is the center of all existence and everyone lives harmoniously side by side. Two cultures that have never had contact with each other... until now.

An ancient evil has been unleashed. Journey on a guest through time to unravel the mysterious tale of the Dark Cloud.

  • Innovative new gameplay, GEORAMA. Build it-build a custom world. Play it-interact with the world in real-time. Live it-build the worlds and unveil clues and pieces of the story line.
  • Real-time weather and day/time display system-as the time of day changes, everything in the environment changes including interaction with NPCs, environmental elements and other significant events.
  • Six playable team members each with their own unique abilities, weapons, skills and strengths.
  • Detailed weapons system-the weapons system alows you to change and increase your weapons strength and damage.
  • Hundreds of items including magic, treasure, GEORAMA pieces, keys and more.
  • Breathtaking graphics and over 60 minutes of cinema-quality cut scenes unfold over 50+ hours of gameplay.

"Dark Cloud is a beautiful action RPG that shows off the expansive power of PS2. With exceptional graphics, the ability to build your own villages and a deep, involving quest, Dark Cloud promises to take your free time and call it its own!" -PSE2 MAGAZINE

Extra Media:

Prima Official Strategy Guide, Greatest Hits version
Prima Guide
PlayStation Underground subscription card
Manual Back Cover: Ad - Official Strategy Guide

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Sony PlayStation 2 United Kingdom S Dark Cloud Sony 2001 RPG
Sony PlayStation 2 Germany S Dark Cloud Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) 2001 RPG
Sony PlayStation 2 PT, ES S Dark Cloud Sony 2001 RPG
Sony PlayStation 2 J S Dark Cloud Sony 2000 RPG
Sony PlayStation 2 J S Dark Cloud [PlayStation 2 the Best] Sony 2002 RPG
Sony PlayStation 2 U S Dark Cloud [Greatest Hits] SCEA 2002 RPG
Sony PlayStation 2 U S Dark Cloud [Demo] Sony 2002 RPG
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Game Trivia:

  • Additional technical details:
    • 390 KB memory card
    • Standard Controller
  • The Dark Cloud Official Soundtrack was released in Japan, contains 46 tracks, and was composed by Tomohito Nishiura.
FAQ's/External Links:

Game Credits:

Level 5
  • Product Producer: Akihiro Hino
  • Art Director: Takeshi Majima
  • Character Animation Director: Yoshiaki Kusuda
  • Story & Game Design: Akihiro Hino
  • Character Design: Miho Tanaka
  • Main Programmer: Kenji Matsusue
  • Battle Programmer: Tasuhiro Akasaka
  • Menu System Program: Tomohiro Misei
  • Motion System Program: Makoto Shikasyo
  • Editors & Visual Program: Masahiro Noda
  • Opening & Visual Program: Tatsu Konno
  • Music Compose & Sound Effects: Tomohito Nishiura
  • Dungeon Map Design: Kazunari Matsuo
  • Field Map Design: Hidenobu Sasaki, Yuka Katayama, Takayuki Sameshima, Kengo Okabe, Jun Maeda
  • Monster Design: Takeshi Akasaka
  • Character Model & Motion: Tomoe Oeda, Takeshi Akasaka, Miyuki Sumiyoshi, Jun Sonobe
  • Title & Menu Design: Ryouichi Takeyama
  • Management: Shin‑ichi Minato
  • Management Support: Hisako Ichiyama
  • Voice Actors & Actresses: Aki Akiha, Koji Ishii, Kenta Katagiri, Megumi Kubuto, Chie Koujiro
  • Motion Capture Choreographer: Tooru Miura
  • Motion Capture Actor & Actresses: Osamu Nagata
  • Illustration: Hitoshi Murita
  • Special Thanks: Raphael Digital & Studio, Dancing Office Saijo, Shinsaku Tanaka (Tahokushinsha)
SCEI Credits
  • Special Thanks: Masaaki Doi
  • Producer: Yasuhide Kobayashi
  • Executive Producer: Akira Sato, Fumiya Takeno, Masatsuka Saeki
  • Assistant Producer: Kentaro Motomura
SCEA Credits
  • Special Thanks: Origin Studios
  • Producer: Seth Luisi
  • Assistant Producer: Jonathan Manahan
  • Director of Product Development: Connie Booth
  • Vice President of Product Development: Shuhei Yoshida
  • Director of Marketing: Ami Matsumura-Blaire
  • Associate Product Manager: Ron Eagle
  • Director Public Relations: Molly Smith
  • PR Manager: Charlotte Panther
  • Public Relations: Ryan Bowling, Tina Casalino, Patrick Seybold
  • Director of Promotions: Sharon Shapiro
  • Promotions: Aimee Duell
  • Vice President of Loyalty and Channel Marketing: Marilyn Weyant
  • Director of Creative Services: Ed DeMasi
  • Loyalty and Channel Marketing: Josh Bingham, Jesse Caid, Peggy Gallagher, Ted Jalbert, Marie Macaspac, Quinn Pham, Jonathan Ries, Cyril Tano, Ben Wallace, Kim Yuen
  • Text Localization: Shawn Torin Rettig
  • Licensing Manager: Misako Usui
  • Director of QA Michael Blackledge
  • Senior QA Manager: Ritchard Markelz
  • Project Coordinator: Eric Ippolito
  • Technical Coordinator: Ara Demirjian
  • Senior QA Analyst: Andrew Woodworth
  • Lead Testers: Greg Phillips, Marta Khosraw
  • Testers: John Anderson, Anthony Bellow, Mike Cingolani, Michael Desenganio, Bruce Dumlao, Robert R. Ely, Seth Evans, Tony Felice, Patrick Hui, Andrew Jennings, Gordon Lee, Joel Manzano, David Meagher, Loren Miller, Phillip Musil, Aillen Neddo, Sheatiel Sarao, Dan Tovar, Igor Usherov, Frankie Villegas, Edmund Wong, Charles Yang
  • SCEA Special Thanks: Gary Barth, Claudette Castillo, Brian Dimick, Brian Hale, Jason Harris, Kaz Hirai, Andrew House, Jeff Hutchinson, Kirk Jue, Grace Kao, Dan Kinkead, John Koller, Chuck Lacson, Rich LaRocca, Glenn Nash, Frank O'Malley, Doug Mukai, Joel Pambid, George Richard, Maggie Rojas, Rick Rooney, Steven Ross, Jack Tretton, Mark Valledor, Michael Zlatoper, TBWA/Chiat Day, Jeff Adams
  • Testers: Derek Rayla, Petros Rotsides
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