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Animal Crossing-e: Series 3
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Console: Nintendo e-Reader
Year: 2003
RFG ID #: U-077-S-00300-A
Part #:
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Simulator
Players: 1
Controller: System Controls
Media Format: e-Reader Card
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The Animal Crossing-e Series 3 cards featured different characters, town tunes, and designs on them. Also featured were the new cards added in Series 2, the Sibling and Game cards. The cards came in packs of 5, and were part of a 94 card total set for Series 3.

Swiping a card when connected to a Nintendo GameCube playing Animal Crossing would give you either a new town tune, a new design pattern, or a gift. You would receive a new town tune from the Town Tune cards, a new design from the Design cards, and an item from the Character cards.

To get the town tune, you can either enter the sequence of notes on the back of the card in the town board, or swipe the card while there.

The receive the pattern from the Design card, you must go to the Abel Sisters shop and talk to Mabel. You will have to swipe your Design card here, and it will replace one of your current patterns.

The Character cards can give you two different items. By scanning your card at the Post Office, you will receive a letter from the character featured on the card, along with an item. You can also send the code on the back of the card in a letter to any character to receive a different item.

The Sibling cards (card in this case, as there was only one Sibling card released for Series 2) work exactly like Character cards, except that you now have two codes and two barcodes for twice the excitement!

The Game cards have a mini-game in their code. By swiping the card on the e-Reader (You do not have to be connected to Animal Crossing), the mini-game featured on the card would be available for play on your e-Reader. You also have to swipe a certain number of Character cards to play. The Character cards that you swipe will be available for play within the mini-game.

There were four series of Animal Crossing-e cards, which together contained over 300 different cards to collect. Series 1 contained 66 cards. Series 2 contained 71 cards. Series 3 contained 94 cards. Series 4 contained 95 cards.

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