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Dead Rising
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Alternate Title:Deadrising
Console: Microsoft Xbox 360
Year: 2006
RFG ID #: U-115-S-00550-A
Part #:
UPC: 013388330010
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
M (ESRB): Blood , Partial Nudity , Strong Language , Use of Alcohol , Violence

Genre: Action/Adventure
Sub-genre: Survival Horror / Hack N' Slash
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: DVD x1
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From the back of the box.

You are Frank West.
A hard-edged photojournalist
hell-bent on investigating the mystery at Willamette mall.

It's swarming with zombies.

You have 72 hours


Dead Rising was released August 8th 2006 for the Xbox 360 and at the time, was an exclusive for that system. It has since been announced that it will be coming to the Wii as "Dead Rising: Chop 'til You Drop".

The Plot: The plot of the game is essentially: you (an independent photojournalist, Frank West) come to a small isolated town via helicopter and after the US military forces your pilot to drop you off on the roof of the mall, you soon realize the town is infested with zombies. All you know is that you want to cover the story and the helicopter will return in 3 days. Through the game, you will uncover the mystery of the zombie outbreak if you do everything correctly, but if you don't finish a mission in time, the facts will be lost to you (and the rest of the world) forever. But, you can still finish the game and get a sub-par ending that inevitably ends in the destruction of the world. In addition to the regular missions, you can embark on numerous "side quests" rescuing survivors and killing psychopaths.

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple; finish the missions and kill as many of the seemingly infinite zombies as you can before your 72 hours is up. But, there are a few aspects of the game that make it unique. The first is the RPG elements the game uses. As you gain "Prestige Points" in the game (by killing zombies, taking photos, killing psychopaths, rescuing survivors, or the other numerous ways) you gain abilities like increased health capacity, increased storage capacity and new fighting moves. These gained abilities are kept once you finish the game and start again, so you can go through the 72 hour mode as many times as you need to get the abilities to finish with the best ending. The second feature that sets Dead Rising apart, is the weapons. Of course, there is the standard handgun, rifle and shotgun of any good zombie game, but there are also items like Molotov cocktails, katanas, swords and battle axes. But, that's not all, basically anything you can pick up is a weapon, whether it's a trash can, potted plant, 2' x 4', lead pipe or one of the other 250 items in the mall. Using everyday items to kill zombies is a blast, there's nothing like slicing a zombie down the middle with one fell swoop of your Katana or using a hole digger to skewer and zombie and use his spinning body to kill more zombies. This is definitely the best part of the game for me, on my first playthrough I didn't bother with the missions, I was having too much fun slamming faucets into zombies and watching them bleed out through it and cutting up hoards of them with chainsaws and lawn mowers.

Sound and Graphics: The sound effects of the game are top notch. Zombies groans and moans seem to be all around you and the screams of distant survivors make it seem more real. The weapons all have their own sounds and they all sound pretty realistic.

This was my first Xbox 360 game, so the graphics blew me away at first, but after playing more games on the system, the graphics are pretty standard. Nothing super awesome, but everything is smooth and I didn't notice any kind of glitches in the game. There are numerous zombies which is nice (especially if you compare it to a game like RE4 where it seems there are only 5 different "zombies") and at first you may think they are all unique, but after a few hours into the game you'll start recognizing zombies by their appearance.

In conclusion, this is a very, very fun game and is definitely worth a pick up. I got my copy for $20 and it was well worth it. For me, it got a little boring and redundant after my 2nd playthrough, but I can see myself coming back to the game after a while. I'm giving this game a 95% as it really is worth the money and if you've got a 360, you really do need this game. It's not a game you'll devote your life to playing, but it's good for many hours of play time.

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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Microsoft Xbox 360 United Kingdom S Dead Rising Capcom 2006 Action/Adventure
Microsoft Xbox 360 United Kingdom S Dead Rising [Steelbook Edition] Capcom 2006 Action/Adventure
Microsoft Xbox 360 BE, NL S Dead Rising Capcom 2006 Action/Adventure
Microsoft Xbox 360 Spain S Dead Rising Capcom / Electronic Arts 2006 Action/Adventure
Microsoft Xbox 360 France S Dead Rising Capcom 2006 Action/Adventure
Microsoft Xbox 360 U S Dead Rising [Platinum Hits] Capcom 2006 Action/Adventure
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