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Gears of War [Limited Collector's Edition]
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Console: Microsoft Xbox 360
Year: 2006
RFG ID #: U-115-S-00830-B
Part #: X12-51884-03
UPC: 882224262613
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Microsoft
M (ESRB): Blood and Gore , Intense Violence , Strong Language

Genre: Shooter
Sub-genre: Action Shooter
Players: 1-8
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: DVD x1
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from the back of the box:

A Nightmare from Below. A Hero from Within.
The planet lies in ruin - cities crumbling, Man's greatest works fallen. Humanity is cornered, nowhere to run. The Locust Horde has risen, and they won't stop coming.

The Coalition is desperate for soldiers. The sick, the wounded, the imprisoned are all that remain. AN inmate named Marcus Fenix, once left to die, is now charged with keeping humanity alive. He can take comfort in but one fact: The human race isn't extinct. Yet.

"Take cover and return fire!"
with the intuitive one-button
cover system to blind fire, evade,
flank, and ultimately destroy
the nightmarish Locust Horde.
Lead your ragtag squad as Marcus
Fenix, or recruit a friend to play
squadmate Dominic Santiago and
complete the full cinematic campaign
cooperatively - online or off.
Dominate online in Human vs.
Locust squad-based multiplayer.
Eliminate downed enemies with a
kick to the head or a taste of
your chainsaw bayonet.

Limited Collector's Edition Includes
Destoryed Beauty, the Gears of War art book
Bonus special features DVD, including an inside look at the making of Gears of War

Extra Media:

Destroyed Beauty artbook
48-Hour Xbox LIVE Gold Trial
BradyGames Signature Series Guide
Game Informer 146- June 2005
Collector's Tin- back
Collector's Tin- front
Flashback Map Pack download card- back
Disc holder- inside
Disc holder- front
Flashback Map Pack download card- front
EGM Magazine 209 - Nov 2006
Official XBox Magazine Ultimate Guide To Gears of War 1 & 2

Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Microsoft Xbox 360 A S Gears of War [Classics] Microsoft 2008 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox 360 U S Gears of War [Game of the Year Seal] Microsoft 2007 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox 360 U S Gears of War [Platinum Hits] Microsoft 2008 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox 360 U S Gears of War Microsoft 2006 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox 360 Sweden S Gears of War [Bundle Copy - Not For Resale] Microsoft 2006 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox 360 United Kingdom S Gears of War [Classics - Not for Supply in the UK] Microsoft 2008 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox 360 United Kingdom S Gears of War [Not for Supply in the UK] Microsoft 2006 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox 360 United Kingdom S Gears of War Microsoft 2006 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox 360 United Kingdom S Gears of War [Bundle Copy - Not For Resale] Microsoft 2006 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox 360 United Kingdom S Gears of War [Limited Collector's Edition] Microsoft 2006 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox 360 Brazil S Gears of War Microsoft 2006 Shooter
Microsoft Xbox 360 U S Gears of War [Bonus Disc - Extra Maps and More] Microsoft 2008 Shooter
Game Credits:


Lead Designer
  Cliff Bleszinski

Executive Producer
  Dr. Michael Capps

  Rod Fergusson

Art Directer
  Jeremiah O'Flaherty

Lead Artist
  Chris Perna

Lead Level Designer
  Lee Perry

Lead Programmer
  Ray Davis

  Laurent Delayen
  Jeff Farris
  Joe Graf
  Rob McLaughlin
  Amitt Mahajan
  Stephen Superville
  Martin Sweitzer


  Thomas James
  Matt Oelfke
  Steve Polge
  John Scott
  Joe Wilcox

Concept Art
  James Hawkins

  Chris Bartlett
  Mike Buck
  Shane Caudle,
   Technical Art Director
  Bill Green
  Matt Hancy
  Pete Hayes
  Josh Jay
  Wyeth Johnson
  Kevin Lanning
  Maury Mountain
  Danny Rodrigues
  Mikey Spano
  Alan Willard

  Scott Dossett
  Aaron Herzog
  Jay Hosfelt

Additional Artwork
  Peter Ellis
  Cedric Fiorentino
  Steve Garafolo
  Kevin Johnstone
  Greg Mitchell
  Aaron Smith
  Chris Wells

Level Designers
  Andrew Bains
  Jim Brown
  Ryan Brucks
  Phil Cole
  Grayson Edge
  Dave Ewing
  Stuart Fitzsimmons
  Paul Mader
  Warren Marshall
  Dave Nash
  Sidney Rauchberger
  Demond Rogers
  David Spalinski
  Ken Spencer

Audio Director
  Mike Larson

Unreal Engine

  Josh Adams
  Dave Burke
  James Golding
  Ron Prestenback
  Andrew Scheidecker
  Scott Sherman
  Niklas Smedberg
  Tim Sweeney
  Daniel Vogel
  Sam Zamani


  Tim Johnson
  Daniel Wright

Additional Dialogue

  Rod Fergusson


  Jeff Morris

Quality Assurance
  Scott Bigwood
  Preston Thorne


  Warren Schultz

  Tim Sweeney, CEO
  Dr. Michael Capps,
  Marc Rein, VP
  Jay Wilbur, VP
Office Manager
  Anne Dube

HR Director
  Kimberly Thompson

Office Assistants
  Sarah Amidon
  Leah Ball


Concept Artwork
  John Wallin Liberto
  Thomas A.

  Dave Hagewood,
  Ben Beckwith, Level

Scripts and Dialogue
  Susan O'Connor

  Kevin Riepl

Sound Design
  Jamey Scott

Voice Casting Director
  Chris Borders

Voice Actors
  John DiMaggio
  Carlos Ferro
  Lester 'Rasta' Speight
  Fred Tataciore
  Robin Atkin Downs
  Jamie Alcroft
  Nan McNamara
  Carolyn Seymour
  Michael Gough
  Dee Baker
  Bruce DuBose

Technicolor Interactive

Cinematic Animation

  Chan Park
  Hoe McGuffin
  Robert Castaneda

Lead Animator
  Roger Seto

  Dan Goldman
  Jose Hernandez
  Daniel Godinez
  Martin Leeper
  Rachel Flowers
  Wen Tien
  David Vodhanel

Project Coordinator
  Iva Marie Palmer

Technicolor Audio

Audio Services

  Tom Hays
Dialogue Recording

  Beau Biggart
  Morgan Gerhard
  David Walsh

Supervising Dialogue

  Lydian Tone

Dialogue Editors
  David Fisk
  Paul Kim

Cinematic Animation

  Kevin Bertazzon
  Francis Co
  Daniel Lindsay
  Larry Paolicelli

Facial Rigging and

  Dan Borth
  Kris Taylor

Motion Capture

  Scott Dossett
  Bill Green
  Jay Hawkins
  Pete Hayes
  Aaron Herzog
  Jay Hosfell
  Mary O'Flaherty
  Megan O'Flaherty
  Danny Rodriguez

Live Music

  Tim Simonec

Orchestra Contractor
  Simon James Music

  Northwest Sinfonia
Special Thanks
Eric Nylund, Paul Jones, Kendall Tucker, Bryan Galdrikian, David Black, Jamie Redmond, Roy Machado, Tyler Fergusson, Zach Hayes, James and Michelle Lee, Gypsy, Peter Moore - and an extra special thanks to all of our friends and family for their patience, understanding, and love, all of which were necessary to finish Gears of War.


 Executive Producer

  Laura Fryer
  Erika Carlson
  Sam Charchian
  Robert Jerauld

 Director of

  Tony Cox
 Development Manager
  Aaron Nicholls
 Development Leads
  Austin Appleby
  Kutta Srinivasan
  Phil Teschner

 Senior Art Director

  Kevin Brown
 Art Director
  Tim Dean

Game Design
 Senior Design Director

  Thomas Zuccotti
 Design Director
  Chris Esaki

 Test Manager

  Kyle Shannon
 Lead Software
 Development Engineers
 In Test (SDETs)

  Shane White
  Craig Marshall
  Domenic Loeplin
  Doug Jelen
  Jeff Nelson
  Robert Lamb
  Adam Dare
  Bill Metters
  Chris Liu
  Diana Antczak
  Jeff Kafer
  Jeff Stephens
  Melissa Batten
  Tanya Jessen
 Software Development
 Engineers (SDEs)

  Dan Price
  J. McBride
 Audio Director

  Caesar Filori
 Audio Design Manager
  Ken Kato
 Audio Designer
  Peter Comley

Business Development
 Group Business Manager

  Todd Stevens
 Business Manager
  Brandon Morris

 Senior Global Product

  John Dongelmans
 Group Product Manager
  Peter Kingsley
 Senior Public Relations

  Charlie Scibetta

User Experience

  Eric Nylund
  Melanie Henry
 Design Lead
  Chris Lassen
  Ryan Anderson

User Research
 User Research Engineers

  Kevin Keeker
  Nick Hillyer
  Kevin Goebel
  Jun Kim
  Tim Nichols

 International Program

  Virginia Spencer

 Program Manager

  Kyoung Ho Han
 Group Manager
  Ji Young Kim
 Software Test Engineer

  Il Jin Park
 Loc. Program Manager
  Whi Young Yoon
  Ji Hoon Kim
 Program Manager

  Cheng-Te Tony Lin
  Andy Liu
  Jason Cheng
 Localization Project

  Kay Wang

 Program Manager

  Seigen Ko
 Senior Manager
  Shini Komiyama
 Software Design

  Yutaka Hasegawa
  Takashi Sasaki
  Junya Chiba
  Masao Okamoto
  Yukako Suzuki
  Toshihiko Nishimoto
  Hiroshi Akiba
 Content Editor
  Yuki Harima

 Program Manager

  David Foster
  Gary Smith
  Paul Peacock
 Audio Producer
  Steve Belton
 Test Team Lead
  Edna Kelly

Tools and Technology
 Development Lead

  Jon Burns
  Anna Sweet

Multiplayer Test Lead
  TJ Duez
  Chong Kim
  James Schend
  Joseph Ezell
  Brishan Merrill-
Legal Corporate

  Don McGowan
 Senior Paralegal
  Sue Stickney
  Elke Suber

Additional Test
  Aaron Jones
  ANdrew Brown
  Brandon McCurry
  Brett Holcomb
  Chad Hale
  Chris McClean
  Christina Linville
  David Hoar
  Edward McPherson
  Gabe Carter
  Jeremy Totten
  Jeremy Wilder
  John Liberto
  Jonathan Green
  Jordan Anderson
  Josh Svoboda
  Josiah Colborn
  Justin Towle
  Kelly Rutan
  Kevin Lamb
  Kyle Jacobsen
  Lucas Myers
  Mark Uyeda
  Michael Sanders
  Richard Curry
  Roger Collum
  Scott Sedlickas
  Scott Shields
  Sean Colbert
  Thurston Smith
  Tim Chidsey
  Tim Daniels
  Wade Davis

MGS Community Web
 Site Managers

  John Peoples
  Jason Carl
  Tom Kristensen
  Matt Sokolowsky
  Ryan Anderson
Special Thanks
Bonnie Ross Ziegler, Phil Spencer, Shane Kim, Jim Veevaert, Frank Pape, Nick Dimitrov, Greg B. Jones, Ken Lobb, Alfred Tan, Dennis Reis, Craig Davison, Chris Di Cesare, Catherine Haller, Justin Kirby, Ted Nugent (inspiration for "The Nuge" achievement), Doug Banker, Tomoyuki Hoshi, Mikey Wetzel, Steve Kastner, Josh Atkins, Kiki Wolfkill, Guy Whitmore, Ryan Wilkerson, Yasmine Nelson, Lief Thompson, Dana Fos, Paige Williams, Laura Hamilton, Matt Whiting, David Holmes, Matt Gradwohl, Sean Jenkin, Ramon Romero, Mike Cody, JoAnne Williams, Dave Pierot, Lev Chapelsky (Blindlight), Dawh Hershey, C.S.A. (Blindlight), Digital Domain, Inc.

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