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Lost Odyssey
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Console: Microsoft Xbox 360
Year: 2008
RFG ID #: U-115-S-02660-A
Part #: DD9-00003
UPC: 082224521017
Developer: Mistwalker
Publisher: Microsoft
T (ESRB): Language , Suggestive Themes , Use of Alcohol , Violence

Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Controller: Standard Controller
Media Format: DVD x4
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A man without a past fights for a world without a future.

From famed creator Hironobu Sakaguchi of Mistwalker comes a revolutionary RPG experience rich in depth, emotion, and cinematic gameplay. In an age that has harnessed the dark power of magic, you are the mysterious, immortal Kaim - on a quest to reclaim 1,000 years of lost memories. Surviving violent wars and encountering friends, lovers, and enemies, you will discover the true meaning of both sorrow and joy.
  • Immerse yourself in an unparalleled storyline set in a massive world.
  • Unique combat system with the use of the Aim Ring System, Skill Link, and more.
  • Photorealistic visuals and cinematics intensify the tension and tempo to take you beyond traditional RPGs.
  • Experience epic gameplay never before seen with hundreds of fields maps, monster characters, and much more.

(Overview from the game case)

Tan's review:

One hundred and four hours, twenty-eight minutes. Thatís how long I played this game my first time through. I suppose itís pointless to tell you I enjoyed it. Even if I was a glutton for punishment I doubt Iíd have stubbornly held on for over 100 hours if I didnít enjoy this game immensely!

Hereís the irony of this game as I see it: Itís closer to PS1 era Final Fantasy than Final Fantasy XII is. Thatís a good thing however, as I believe FFXII was a dose of fresh air to an otherwise stale series and a game I really enjoyed for itís innovations and new direction. Believe what you will, thatís just my opinion. It also meant that with a new studio, Hironobu Sakaguchi was able to take the best parts of Final Fantasy and add elements you wouldnít normally see in that series at all. Without the pressure of millions of fans judging a game based on itís predecessors, he had more freedom to experiment and try new things while keeping intact the core gameplay ideas and idiosyncrasies that built the reputation he now enjoys. As someone who is a part of that minority who preferred Final Fantasy VIII as opposed to VII, Iím pleased to tell you this game feels like a remake of VIII in many ways. There were times when I felt downright nostalgic although I had never played this game before. Now donít take that the wrong way, Iím not saying itís a clone, but more like a spiritual sequel. It may feel like FFVIII sometimes but itís very much itís own game and stands on itís own merits.

The greatest aspect of this game is itís variety. Yes itís a JRPG with a turn-based battle system, but thatís just the tip of the iceberg. First off, the battle system is complex. You have your traditional menus, different character classes and whatnot but you can also change equipment in the midst of battle, even what characters are fighting it. Actions are timed, some complex ones needing two rounds to execute while others queue ahead of everything else. Enemies also queue into this action list and the timing can work for or against you depending on what actions you choose and what characters you use. It adds a depth of strategy I donít normally see outside of tactical/strategy RPGs in general. Your characters are customizable as far as skill sets and equipment. You can even build your own accessories using loot obtained from treasure, shop and enemy drop/stolen items. This just further increases the depth as the mathematics and statistics of offense and defense, melee and magic, offer a more tailored and micro-managed approach to your formations and battle tactics when you can equip skills and accessories based on your current needs or preferred style of combat.

When your not fighting, your exploring, navigating treacherous terrain, simple side quests, puzzle solving, competing in arena battles, playing music, timed item hunts, treasure hunting and even a bit of stealth in a section reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid. Even if you skimmed the surface of what this game offers youíll still get a good 50-70 hours out of it easy.

Unfortunately the game isnít without itís problems. The framerate chugs at times before battle and if your not a patient person load times could be a bit draggy on the flow of things. Sometimes the camera was a nuisance as for the most part itís in a fixed position. Thatís about all I have to say for the bad side of things and those issues didnít detract from my enjoyment of it at all. Iíve also heard there are glitches but I guess I was lucky because my 100+ hours was pretty much bug free.

I found the graphics and sound to be of good quality. The cutscenes which are placed with good effect at critical times, are reasonably well voiced and move the complex story along rather well. If you donít care for the story, most of them can be skipped with the push of a button. The art style and character animations are smooth and vibrant and each boss, enemy and area of the map is unique to itself. That map I may add, is really large. Fortunately during the course of the story you acquire some transportation that expedites movement between the continents/islands/oceans.

While I tend to be a lot pickier about what JRPGs I play these days, if more were like this Iíd be a happy man. I suppose one could argue that this game could have easily been made for the PS2 or PS3 but I would have bought it regardless of what system it was on. The only difference being I might not have tried for some of the more time consuming achievements the Xbox 360 offered and finished it in 80 hours or so.

To me this game is at the forefront of Xbox 360 RPGs and is one of the most rewarding games Iíve played since Mass Effect. It may not win any awards for pushing the system hardware or revolutionizing the genre, but for an RPG that is deep, mature and caters to the most dedicated and fanatical grinders/completionists, it doesnít get much better than this!


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Console Reg. Type Title Publisher Year Genre
Microsoft Xbox 360 A S Lost Odyssey Microsoft 2008 RPG
Microsoft Xbox 360 United Kingdom S Lost Odyssey Microsoft 2008 RPG
Microsoft Xbox 360 Germany S Lost Odyssey Microsoft 2008 RPG
Microsoft Xbox 360 DK, FI, NO, SE S Lost Odyssey Microsoft Game Studios 2008 RPG
Microsoft Xbox 360 J S Lost Odyssey Microsoft 2007 RPG
Microsoft Xbox 360 J S Lost Odyssey [Platinum Collection] Microsoft 2008 RPG
Microsoft Xbox 360 Canada S Lost Odyssey Microsoft 2008 RPG
Microsoft Xbox 360 Mexico S Lost Odyssey Microsoft 2008 RPG
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