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Posted on Oct 20th 2014 at 12:00:00 AM by (noiseredux)
Posted under PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Falling Skies: The Game
Little Orbit, 2014

I've just hit ten hours in a game that I can't really say anything positive about. It's an odd place to be. Everything that my rational brain tells me is that this game just isn't very good, and yet I can't seem to stop myself from continuing on. And no, masochism has nothing to do with it. I'm not forcing myself through something unenjoyable, quite the contrary. Instead, I'm having fun playing a bad game.

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Posted on Oct 18th 2014 at 12:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
Posted under Nintendo, NES, rfgen, Love you guys

Recently, I finished a decade long goal of mine and obtained a copy of each and every licensed NES title. With how important communities like rfgeneration, nintendoage and racketboy have been during that quest, it seems fitting that I take some time to give a proper thank you to those that have helped me along this path. With today coincidentally being both the anniversary of the NES in North America and my birthday (pretty cool, eh?), it feels appropriate to chronicle my journey to 677 Nintendo games.

The Money Shot

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Posted on Oct 15th 2014 at 11:08:03 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under Terminator, Sega CD, action films, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 80s, Sylvester Stallone

As a kid of the 80's, Hollywood slammed my generation with awesome action films starring arguably the two biggest names in action at the time, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Of course, the gaming industry understood the popularity of these movies at time and were quick to cash in by churning out action movie titles based on some of our most beloved films: the Rambo series, Total Recall, Predator, Terminator 2, and Die Hard, etc. (just to name a few). The labels and boxes of these games were seductive and often depicted the movie posters themselves, or very recognizable scenes directly from these films.  No doubt about it, any young kid/teenager coming across these games on their local store shelf was immediately filled with excitement knowing that they were about to bring home that same movie experience and blast away baddies as their favorite action stars.............well...........that was the idea, wasn't it? 

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of these titles, the surface was far from the reality; often the games were very bad and had little, or nothing to do with the plot of the film itself. So imagine my distrust when a good friend came over to my house a few weeks ago, pointed to my copy of The Terminator for Sega CD and said, "Have you played that yet? Man, you should, because it is f%&king awesome!"     

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Posted on Oct 13th 2014 at 11:31:03 AM by (wildbil52)
Posted under DOS, Old, Star

With the release of Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth on the horizon, I thought it would be an appropriate time to look at the game that Beyond Earth has its roots in.  Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri was released in 1999 , between Civilization II and III, for Windows and was later ported to Mac and Linux.  No need to fire up DOSBox for this one.

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Posted on Oct 11th 2014 at 11:54:10 AM by (bombatomba)
Posted under The Thing, Carpenter, The Thing sequel, Macready


Sequels for horror movies rarely match the feel of the original.  Sure, some of them are better, but are they as scary?  I feel that in a attempt to recapture the feel (and audience) of the original film, most horror sequels are content with following the same basic formula of the original.  So how do we get over such a thing?  In the scope of this article, the answer is to create a movie sequel in the form of a video game.  But does it work?  Can the same kind of horror that stalks us on the silver screen translate to a completely different format, one that tends to rely on completely different ways to frighten the participant?  The Thing attempts to incorporate the same survival aspects and monster design featured in parts of the film and couple it with squad-based shooter elements and team management into what is hoped to be a winning title.  Did Computer Artworks succeed with such a lofty ambition or was this project doomed to failure from the onset? To find out, we'll have to fly south to see what has happened since the original film ended.  Bring your coat, as I fear the cold can get overwhelming rather quickly.


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Posted on Oct 9th 2014 at 09:26:14 AM by (noiseredux)
Posted under PC, XBox One, controller, XBone, 360, difference

For years now the Xbox 360 controller has been the de facto controller of choice for PC gamers. It's sturdy, comfortable, and because it's made by Microsoft, it had plug and play drivers for Windows right out of the box. It's been the standard to such a degree that the vast majority of PC games even use its buttons' colors and lettering scheme by default. It's now just assumed that this is the controller that you're using. So when the Xbox One was announced, along with a new controller, it was a bit exciting for PC gamers as well. However, there were no drivers to use it on PC available at launch. Until now. So let's take a look at how it stands up as the new PC controller of choice, shall we?

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Posted on Oct 7th 2014 at 09:17:49 AM by (SirPsycho)
Posted under Horror, 3do, sega, saturn, sony, playstation, horror, halloween, spooky puzzles

Welcome back to a world of horror and fright. You may remember last year when I did a review of a game  (Thief: The Dark Project [http://www.rfgeneration.c...The-Dark-Project-2639.php]) that many would not consider when pondering their options to step into a good atmosphere that sends chills down your spine and squeals up your throat. The real "horror" came from the masterpiece's years spent in "Development Hell" where its focus was changed about a half dozen times. In contrast to a jumbled mess of juxtaposed design and experimentation that somehow worked brilliantly, this year I bring you D. Just "D." The letter "D." No more. No less. "D."

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Posted on Oct 6th 2014 at 05:34:23 PM by (singlebanana)
Posted under Thanks, September, 2014, Thank you, submitters, approvers

Summer is over and the cool, crisp weather of Fall is swiftly approaching. Though submission numbers were a little lower in the month of September,  it was still a very productive month here at RFGeneration for some of our members. Submissions for the month totaled 2,536 items, which were comprised of 2,466 game submissions and 70 hardware submissions! Thank you to all of our submitters for the month of September, especially Flee, Shadow Kisuragi, ae.tc, ApolloBoy, CoinCollector, and Fragems who all had over 100 submissions!

I'd also like to thank our staff of loyal approvers, Shadow Kisuragi, ApolloBoy, and Tynstar for taking the time to look over all of these submissions and for making our site more informative for our members and guests.

Let's all work to make October another extraordinary month for submissions!

Posted on Oct 4th 2014 at 09:48:53 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under playthrough, Suikoden II, Ico, September, 2014, podcast, Community Playthrough

Join RFGeneration Community Playthrough hosts, Rich (singlebanana), Jamie (techwizard), Floyd (Fleach), and Shawn (GrayGhost81) as we discuss September's retro and modern playthroughs. In this episode, we discuss one of the greatest RPGs ever released on the PSX, Suikoden II and the fantastic and awe-inspiring, puzzle platformer, Ico. During the Suikoden II segment, host Grayghost81 is once again joined by Suikoden series enthusiast and RFGeneration member, SirPsycho.  Enjoy!

Episode 6 discussion thread: http://www.rfgeneration.c...x.php?topic=14621.new#new

Get the show on Podomatic: http://rfgenplaythroughs.podomatic.com/
On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/...27459?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBguFudBpRQ
And follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rfgenplaythroughs
And Twitter: https://twitter.com/rfgplaythroughs

Show Notes:
Introduction - 0:00:15
Suikoden II - 0:01:50
Ico - 0:49:44
Conclusion - 2:47:48

Opening/Closing theme by Cameron Johnson of Atma Weapon - http://atmaweaponnc.bandcamp.com/

Posted on Oct 2nd 2014 at 10:09:05 AM by (Fleach)
Posted under Digital distribution, Nostalgia, Steam, GOG, PSN, XBLA, Download, I dont even own what Im playing

Is this a collection?

I'm facing a dilemma, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Digitally distributed games are saturating the market, and as a collector, I feel a little strange.

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Posted on Sep 29th 2014 at 11:04:23 AM by (slackur)
Posted under Why do I keep playing this game, will I ever get tired of Tetris

Funny thing about us humans, we do a lot of things without asking why we do it.  The same goes for continuing to do something without asking ourselves if we should have stopped long, long ago.  For all of the things humanity has studied with great introspection, one thing most people tend to be terrible at is questioning their own actions and adjusting their lives accordingly.

If there's a whirling fan, someone's put their finger close to it.  If it exists in the material world, it's been in someone's mouth.  If you have young children, you learn daily how the simplest task can go horribly awry.  And to the point of this article, if you're a gamer, chances are at least once you've stared at a Game Over screen and wondered why you feel compelled to press a button to continue.

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Posted on Sep 27th 2014 at 02:00:40 PM by (wildbil52)
Posted under 32X, polygons, 32,768 colors

I like to take things apart and put them back together again.  Always have.  My parents would come home from running a few errands and would find any number of electronics items from throughout the house disassembled on the dining room table.  VCR, Computer, Stereo, anything I could get my hands on.  Oddly enough, I never took apart a video game system when I was young.  I was so afraid that it wouldn't work after I put everything back together and I didn't want to deal with the emotional turmoil of not being able to play RBI Baseball or Blades of Steel.  Flash forward a few years and I have no issues taking a game console apart.  So imagine my surprise when I do a little searching online for a Sega 32X teardown so I know what I'm getting into and I can't find one.  I'm sure there a few out there, but if I search for something on the internet and what I'm looking for isn't in the top 4 or 5 returned pages, it might as well not exist. 

Here we go,  I'm sacrificing this 32X just to get a closer look at all of the little bits.

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Posted on Sep 25th 2014 at 10:11:21 AM by (bombatomba)
Posted under Saturn, Sega, Dirty, 3 Dirty Dwarves, fun

Dear RFGeneration Members, as you might have noticed over the past few months, one of our long-time (since 2009) and active members on the site, bombatomba, has had a few of his most recent blog posts promoted to our front page. Our staff has enjoyed reading his work, has followed his blog closely, and used his posts to fill in dates at times when more content was needed. We are happy to announce that bombatomba has accepted our offer to join the blog writing staff and you will be seeing more of his work in the future. Please join our staff in congratulating him and welcoming him to the RFGeneration staff!

Three Dirty Dwarves is a side-scrolling, action game, somewhat in the vein of Golden Axe/Streets of Rage, that was released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn and PC.  On the surface, it has lots of great animation, especially for the main characters, a goofy visual aesthetic, amusing sound effects, and co-op for up to three players. However, underneath beats the heart of an arcade game that never was. Be it good or bad, at the end of the day we are left with this somewhat amusing game that remains fun (with a group) yet is nonetheless flawed.  So let's go ahead and roll in the dirt a bit and explore Three Dirty Dwarves for the Sega Saturn.

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Posted on Sep 23rd 2014 at 12:30:00 PM by (noiseredux)
Posted under PC, escape goat 2, indie

Escape Goat 2
2014, Magical Time Bean

There's a really popular indie game about goats that came out this year. It's a glitchy, open-world mess of a game. And Escape Goat 2 isn't it. Instead, Escape Goat 2 is an amazing puzzle-platformer with tight controls, excellent level design, an old school sensibility, and gorgeous HD visuals. Also, it has a mouse that wears a hat. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's slow down and take a look at this excellent game.

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Posted on Sep 22nd 2014 at 11:45:37 AM by (singlebanana)
Posted under playthrough, Castlevania, SotN, Alan Wake, October, 2014

The RFGeneration Playthrough Group compels you to join us in playing a few "spooky" titles for the month of October. On the retro side, singlebanana will be hosting Castlevania: Symphony of the Night arguably one of the best Castlevania titles ever developed in this classic series (available on the PSX, XLA, & PSN). On the modern side, join Fleach as he hosts the renowned, episodic, psychological action thriller, Alan Wake on the XBox 360 and PC.

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