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G-Con45 Light Gun

Console: Sony PlayStation
Year: 1996
RFG ID#: E-061-H-00190-A
Region: Europe Europe
Part Number: SLEH-00007
UPC: 711719700807
Manufacturer: Namco
Class: Controller
Subclass: Light Gun
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Accuracy is the name of the game when playing with Namco's G-Con45. Namco prove once again that they can bring you the ultimate arcade gaming experience by combining precise targeting with versatility. G-Con45 is equipped with an extra long cable allowing play from virtually any position within a 3 metre radius of the TV. The performance level of the G-Con45 renders all existing light-guns obsolete. No other light-gun features the signal-scanning plug which sets the industry standard for accuracy.

Other key features:

  • Pixel-perfect targeting - making the G-Con45 a sure-fire hit
  • Signal scanning plug which reads an extra video signal directly from the Playstation for unprecendented accuracy
  • Durable and highly responsive trigger mechanism and buttons, with additional side buttons which allow more interactive gameplay
  • Ergonomically designed for both left and right handed players featuring a symmetrical hand grip
  • The G-Con45 can be used with any software bearing the G-Con45 icon
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