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Amstrad GX4000

Console: Amstrad CPC 464
Year: 1990
RFG ID#: E-114-H-00020-A
Countries Hardware Released In: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Part Number: GX4000
UPC: ----
Manufacturer: Amstrad
Class: System
Subclass: Console
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Console Region Type Title Manufacturer Year Class
Amstrad CPC 464
H Amstrad GX4000 Amstrad 1990 System
Amstrad CPC 464
H Amstrad GX4000 Amstrad 1990 System
Amstrad CPC 464
H Amstrad GX4000 Amstrad 1990 System

The GX4000, released in the UK in 1990 by Amstrad, is definitely one of the most unique looking video game consoles ever released. Amstrad, a popular computer and electronics manufacturer, looked to cash in on the lucrative video game console market like many of its peers had attempted to do, some more successful than others. Sporting a very sleek design that resembles the snowspeeder in Star Wars, looking underneath the hood of this console reveals anything but space-age technology at the time of its release.

The GX4000 is basically a modified 6128 Plus computer. This enabled the console to be compatible with many existing CPC computer games and applications. The system came packed in with two gamepads, AV cables and a racing game entitled Burnin' Rubber. Released for commercial sale at 99, the console was moderately priced for its time. With a substantial amount of readily available ports from the CPC, the GX4000 would not have to entirely rely upon new game development but could be subsidized by its sister system(s) for game content/programming. Even with all of these positive measures, the GX4000 was doomed from the beginning.

The GX4000 was powered by an 8-bit Zilog Z80A processor, featured a color palette of 4096 (impressive at the time for an 8-bit system) and had enhanced sound. However, porting of the inferior CPC games to the GX4000 did not prove to be financially sound and was quickly abandoned. Around 32 games were released for the console and could be found in bargain bins throughout the UK along with the GX4000 console within months of the system's initial release.

The GX4000 is an interesting system, but only recommended as a purchase for collectors. There are many of these systems for sale, readily available in the UK (as well as other European countries) and abroad through eBay and like services. A CIB system can run around $50-$100 USD, much less in the UK, but keep in mind the shipping costs of these systems can be pricey (around $70 USD from the UK to the US).

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