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NEC PC Engine

Alternative Title: PC Engine
Console: NEC PC Engine
Year: 1987
RFG ID#: J-039-H-00030-A
Region: Japan Japan
Part Number: PI-TG001
UPC: 4904323915606
Manufacturer: NEC
Class: System
Subclass: Console
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The NEC PC Engine, originally designed by Hudson Soft, was released in October 1987 as NEC's first foray into the video game market. The PC Engine was the most advanced video game console of its time, and even surpassed the later Sega Mega Drive in some respects until the release of the Nintendo Super Famicom in 1990. The PC Engine remained one of the most popular video game systems in Japan during the late 1980s and early 1990s, and several variants of the PC Engine were released over the years. Games for the PC Engine utilized small credit card-sized cartridges called HuCards, which helped contribute to the console's diminutive size (in addition to a small chipset). The PC Engine was officially discontinued by NEC in 1994, as NEC released its 32-bit successor, the PC-FX. Unfortunately, the PC-FX was not able to achieve the same success as the PC Engine, mainly due to the releases of the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn.
Additional Specifications

  • CPU: 8-bit Hudson HuC6280A
  • GPU: Hudson C6260, Hudson C6270A
  • RAM: 8 KB
  • Video RAM: 64 KB
  • Sound: Hudson C6280A (6-channel PSG)
Bundled Accessories

  • PC Engine console
  • One controller
  • RF switch
  • AC adapter
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