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Nintendo 64DD

Alternative Title: Nintendo 64 Disk Drive
Console: Nintendo 64DD
Year: 2000
RFG ID#: J-084-H-00010-A
Region: Japan Japan
Part Number: NUS-010
UPC: ----
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Class: System
Subclass: Magnetic Disk Drive Expansion
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Console Region Type Title Manufacturer Year Class
Nintendo 64DD
H Nintendo 64DD[Randnet Starter Kit] Nintendo 1999 System

The Nintendo 64DD was Nintendo's attempt to answer to the massive storage space advantage that a CD had over a cartridge. The 64DD utilized magnetic disks, almost like a super-sized 3.5 inch floppy disk. This provided 64MB of storage at a cheaper cost compared to a cartridge, while still offering faster read times compared to a CD. In addition to faster read times, the 64DD disks allow for re-writing in real time, eliminating the need for memory cards.

Promised early in the Nintendo 64's lifespan, the 64DD met numerous delays which eventually led to a lukewarm launch at the end of 1999 in Japan. The 64DD was initially only available in the Randnet Starter Kit, either through a monthly payment plan, or a rent-to-own plan that include the limited edition Clear Black Nintendo 64 console. The Randnet service provided users the ability to browse the internet, communicate with other 64DD users as well as share certain creations in the Mario Artists series of 64DD titles. The Starter Kit also provided buyers with a total of 7 games delivered through the mail over the span of several months before Randnet announced in October 2000 that the service would be canceled. Randnet officially ended on February 28, 2001. It is estimated that Randnet had approximately 15,000 subscribers. When combined with the limited number of 64DD's sold in retail stores (the blue box variant), the 64DD likely sold less than 20,000 units over its short lifespan.

In addition to the 7 games offered through the Randnet subscription, two additional game were released (Japan Pro-Golf Tour 64 and Kyojin no Doshin: Kaihou Sensen Chibikko Chikko Daishuugou). Numerous high profile releases were initially promised for release on the 64DD, but many were eventually ported to cartridges due to the years of delays in releasing the 64DD hardware.

Ultimately, the 64DD is likely Nintendo's most ambitious add-on, as well as the biggest failure compared to the other official add-ons released by Nintendo. Many features that existed in the 64DD would go on to become staples in upcoming hardware, like the real time clock, web browsing, and personal avatar creators.

Bundled Accessories

  • 64DD NUS-010(JPN)
  • Expansion Pak NUS-007
  • Expansion Pak removal tool NUS-012

The part number on the box is NUD-S-HA(JPN). The retail packaging of the 64DD was released in 2000 after the Randnet Starter Kit was released in 1999. This version has a blue box, but the hardware is identical between the two.

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