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Console: NEC SuperGrafx
Year: 1989
RFG ID#: J-085-H-00010-A
Region: Japan Japan
Part Number: PI-TG4
UPC: 4904323917020
Manufacturer: NEC
Class: System
Subclass: Console
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The NEC SuperGrafx was released in late 1989 as a potential successor to the PC Engine. Originally, the SuperGrafx was to be a true 16-bit console, but NEC instead decided to upgrade the PC Engine with 4 times more RAM and a new graphics processor. Unfortunately, all this new power was literally too much for the SuperGrafx's 8-bit CPU, and the SuperGrafx only had 7 titles released for it (two of these could also run on a regular PC Engine).

However, the SuperGrafx is fully compatible with the PC Engine, and it is also compatible with the CD-ROM2 add-on via the RAU-30 adapter. The Super CD-ROM2 add-on also fits onto the SuperGrafx without an adapter. Therefore, this makes the SuperGrafx the most compatible PC Engine console, next to the Duo consoles.

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