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Sega Dreamcast Maracas

Alternative Title: Samba de Amigo Maracas Controller
Console: Sega Dreamcast
Year: 2000
RFG ID#: U-071-H-00270-A
Region: North America North America
Part Number: HKT-9700
UPC: 010086501728
Manufacturer: Sega
Class: Controller
Subclass: Rhythm Controller
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Console Region Type Title Manufacturer Year Class
Sega Dreamcast
H Sega Dreamcast Maracas Sega 2000 Controller

Package includes:
  • One Mat
  • One Base Unit
  • Two Maracas
  • Printed Materials
Additional Specifications

  • Compatible models: Dreamcast bearing the NTSC-U mark
  • Compatible software: Dreamcast software that is compatible with the Maracas

Intstructions taken from the manual

Part names and getting started
  1. Connect the Maracas to the Base unit. (The two Maracas are identical, either may be connected to either side of the Base unit.)
  2. After making sure that the Dreamcast is turned off, connect the Base unit and a Dreamcast controller to control ports on the Dreamcast.
  3. Using the Velcro, attach the Base unit to the Mat.
  4. Turn on the Dreamcast.
    When power is first turned on the Maracas sensors will be adjusted. The sensor adjustment process takes several seconds. During the time, the maracas will not function. Please wait until the adjustment process has completed.
*Which plug should be connected to which port depends on the software that you are using. For details, refer to the instruction manual that was provided with your software.

Key Points
  • The button on the Maraca to the right side functions as the Start button (which is used to start the game, etc.).
  • The button on the Maraca to the left side functions as the C button.
  • The functions of the buttons are software dependant and may change depending on the software you are using. Refer to the instruction manual provided with the software for details.
  • Connect the Maracas to the Base unit before connecting the base unit to the Dreamcast.
  • If there is white powder on the Mat the first time that you use it, wipe the powder off with a soft, dry cloth.
  • The Maracas utilize ultrasonic waves. If there are any other devices that use ultrasonic waves in the vicinity (such as ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic humidifiers, insect or mouse repellants, toys, or security lights), these devices may cause the Maracas to operate incorrectly. If this happens, turn the other device off.

Playing with the Maracas
The Maracas can be used with compatible software that supports its functions. However, with certain compatible software some Maracas' functions may not be supported. Please check the instruction manual provided with the software for specific details.

Using the Maracas Properly
The Maracas may not operate correctly unless they are used in the manner described below.
  • Snap you wrists when shaking the Maracas!
  • Shake the Maracas in front of you, not to the side
  • Do not let your clothing obstruct the Maracas sensors or the Base sensors
  • Do not place objects on the Base sensors
  • Do not block the Base sensor with the cord
  • Do not bundle the cords
  • Let each Maraca sensor hand straight down
Do not strike the Maracas together. Do not shake the Maracas near another person. Doing so could result in an accident or injury.

Key Points
  • If there is any obstructions between the Maraca and the Base sensors, the Maracas will not operate correctly. Be careful not to let your clothing obstruct the Maraca sensors or the Base sensors. (For example, the Maracas may not operate correctly if you are wearing a flared skirt or other clothing with a wide hem.)
  • If the Maracas stop working suddenly while you are using them, check to see if either of the plugs has become disconnected from the Base unit, or if either is loose. (Refer to the "Troubleshooting" section.)

Removing the Rattle
If you want to use the Maracas without the rattle, late at night for example, you can remove the rattle.
  1. Remove the two screws on the top of the Maraca and then remove the cover.
  2. Remove the rattle unit and store it in a safe location.
  3. Replace the cover on the Maraca and replace the two screws.
After you remove the rattle unit, be sure to replace the cover and tighten the screws completely. Failure to properly replace a Maraca cover or its screws could result in accident or injury if the cover were to come loose and fly off unexpectedly. Note that the rattle unit should only be removed by an adult.

When You Are Finished with the Maracas
When you are finished using the Maracas, turn off the Dreamcast and then disconnect the Base unit.
Whenever you are playing with Dreamcast software that is not compatible with the Maracas, always be sure to unplug the Base unit from the Dreamcast control port.

Your Maracas may not require repair in cases such as those described below. Before contacting Sega's Technical Support, please check the items descried below.
  • The Maracas do not respond when they are moved.
    • Are the Maracas connected correctly to the Base unit, and is the Base unit connected correctly to the Dreamcast?
    • Is there an obstruction between the Maraca sensors and the Base sensors?
  • The Maraca sensors make a buzzing noise.
    • This is the normal sound that the sensors make when they are operating. This is not a malfunction.
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