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Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter

Console: Microsoft Xbox 360
Year: 2005
RFG ID#: U-115-H-00340-A
Region: North America North America
Part Number: ----
UPC: ----
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Class: Accessory
Subclass: Wireless Network Bridge
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Console Region Type Title Manufacturer Year Class
Microsoft Xbox 360
H Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter Microsoft 2009 Accessory

Not much need for an overview on this bad boy. Simple too hook up: clips on the back of the system then plugs into the USB port beneath it.

Just make sure if you have an ethernet cable plugged in your remove it before plugging this in.

It has gotten pretty good reviews all over the web. Well this is not a good one this is a scathing one! And to be honest i don't see why ANYONE has had anything good to say about it!.

Congratulations MS you made a wireless adapter that works with your console! When 360 could have easily been wireless out of the box.
The Wii, PS3, DS, and PSP all were!

The hefty 100$ MSRP should have you thinking twice about picking this up when there are cheaper wireless alternatives on the market. Apparently MS originally had stated that only their Wireless adapter would work with the 360 but after i did some research on the web for 360 wireless alternatives I found there are many wireless options available for a much more affordable price.

Unless your an accessory collector and NEED to have something official this is not worth the price given there are so many worthwhile alternatives on the market.

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*sorry for not putting a real score here I just felt that it didn't really deserve one. Outside of the fact that it does what it is supposed to do there are few to no redeeming factors of this piece of hardware. Also i know this isn't really a review field. Get over it. I just enlightened you.
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