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Wii Zapper[Link's Crossbow Training Bundle]

Console: Nintendo Wii
Year: 2007
RFG ID#: U-132-H-00230-A
Region: North America North America
Part Number: RVL R RZPE USZ
UPC: 045496890186
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Class: Accessory
Subclass: Controller Shell
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Console Region Type Title Manufacturer Year Class
Nintendo Wii
North America
H Wii Zapper Nintendo 2007 Accessory
Nintendo Wii
H Wii Zapper[Link's Crossbow Training Bundle] Nintendo 2007 Controller
Nintendo Wii
H Wii Zapper[Link's Bowgun Training] Nintendo 2008 Accessory
Nintendo Wii
H Wii Zapper[Link's Crossbow Training Bundle] Nintendo 2007 Controller

Tan's review of Link's Crossbow Training:

The game, which is built using the Twilight Princess engine, has all the sights and sounds you'd expect from a Zelda title. There are single and multiplayer modes and even a calibration tool for adjusting the sight line between the Zapper and the pointer on-screen so you can aim along the "barrel". Handy for those who have had to place their sensor bars above or below their TVs but who don't wish to adjust the default system settings themselves, only the game ones.

While it is a short game, it has dozens of levels with each one having different environments, enemies and objectives for earning points. The score at the end of each stage is tallied and depending on how well you do, will earn you medals which unlock more stages. There are even boss battles if you can believe that!

What really surprises me about this game is the amount of depth in each stage. The variety of things you can do is equally impressive. The first stage for example, your shooting pop-up targets over a village. Score is based on successful hits chained together as well as accuracy for each individual target. Meanwhile, you have scarecrows, road signs, jars, doors, pumpkins etc etc you can shoot for bonuses. Just when you think you have it mastered, you earn enough bonuses or fill enough prerequisites that the level you played a dozen times before, changes and takes you to a different part of the same location you hadn't seen before and gives you something new.

Some levels you use the thumbstick to move Link through enemy camps taking out baddies in a 3rd person shooter form, others you may be defending your position from flying enemies, you even find yourself floating down a river in Zora's Domain shooting water spiders and hanging targets. If anything this game keeps you entertained with it's variety.

To be honest, I bought this peripheral so I can use it with other games like House of the Dead or perhaps Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. But after playing Link's Crossbow Training, the lightgun shell is merely an added bonus to an excellent game that is priced rather attractively, not the other way around.


Extra Media

Link's Crossbow Training pack-in game (U-132-S-01130-A)
Inner packaging
Link's Crossbow Training Case back
Link's Crossbow Training Manual
Link's Crossbow Training Game DiscZapper Manual
Zapper Manual Back

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