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Posted on Oct 5th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (Addicted)
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This quarterly report will cover upcoming and noteworthy Shoot 'em Ups. There are a lot of great titles here and you can be sure most of these will be covered on an upcoming play through.

Psikyo Collection Vol 1 - Arc System Works brings us a collection for the ages as Strikers 1945, Sol Divide, Samurai Aces, and Gunbird make their way to the Switch in a single package. At $35 US this is a steal.

Psikyo Collection Vol 2 - Arc System Works does it again as this volume contains Strikers 1945 II, Tengei, Gunbird2, and one of my favorites, Dragon Blaze all in a single cart for $35 US.

Darius Cozmic Collection - Who doesn't love shooting fish in space? The standard edition contains Darius, Darius II, Sagaia (Darius II Overseas version), and Darius Gaiden for $50 US.  The limited edition contains all of the games in the standard edition plus Darius Alpha, a soundtrack CD, artbook, and a Miniature Acrylic Marquee. The collector's edition is a bit pricey at $158 US but the standard edition is worth a look.

Game Tengoku: Cruisin Mix Special - Originally released on the Saturn, this game features classic Jaleco characters mixed in with all-new original characters (including the ship from Tatsujin/Truxton) and takes place in an arcade. This game is regarded as one of the best shoot 'em ups on the Saturn and you can now play the remix version for the low price of $37 US.

Sturmwind - This indie darling released on the Dreamcast in 2013 to critical praise.  The reprint is currently on sale for $19 US and is a must pick up for any Dreamcast fan.

Battle Crust - This Irem inspired vertically scrolling shoot 'em up draws inspiration from Image Fight and R-Type. It apes the early 90's aesthetic and music to deliver a package that is easily worth the asking price of $8 US. You can find my review of the game here: http://www.rfgeneration.c...iew-of-Sturmwind-3359.php


Shikhondo: Soul Eater - This Korean made bullet hell is set within the beautiful and bizarre world of Asian mythology. Hordes of demons (Yokai) have escaped and it's up to you to destroy them. The physical release is a Playasia exclusive and was recently featured on Metal Jesus Rocks so grab your copy while you can for $35 US.

Ketsui Deathtiny: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi - CAVE's premier non-DonPachi series military shooter comes to-the PS4 courtesy of M2. This version features an art book, remixed soundtrack in the form of DLC, and a new game mode (IKD 2007 Special) Grab this region free release while you can for $63 US.


Psyvarviar Delta - The latest in this revered series from developer Success arrives this fall/winter. Grab it while you can for $30 US for the Standard Edition or $40 US for the Limited Edition


Rolling Gunner - This horizontally scrolling indie shoot 'em up recently released to high praise. You can grab a copy for the PC for around $25 US.

Zero Ranger - A recent steam release this vertically scrolling shoot 'em up has garnered high praise for its tight controls, fair progression, and great stage design. Grab a copy for $12 from Steam.

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Red Art Games announced their second game yesterday, a cute em up called Ice Cream Surfer.  Physical editions for PS4 and Vita.

Thanks so much for the list, I really appreciate it! The Switch-compilations were already on my list, it is nice to see that the Switch  gets very good shoot-em-up collections.

Should be also mentioned:

Battle Garegga Rev. 2016 (PS4, Play Asia, $48) and Battle Crust (Dreamcast, PlayAsia, $40).

Thanks so much for the heads-up! Pre-ordered it.
@Addicted - seems like a couple of your links got mixed up with the link to Battle Crust, so here are the links to those that were replaced:

Ketsui Deathtiny: Kizuna Jikogu Tachi

For Psyvariar Delta, there are multiple pre-order options, both standard and limited edition for PS4 and Switch:

@Bear78: Thanks for the heads-up on the physical release of Ice Cream Surfer! It's available digitally on multiple platforms: Wii U, Switch, PS4 & PC, but it's good to know about this particular release.

Great article, Addicted, glad to see all the love for the genre coming from various developers, new and old. Don't sleep on these releases, folks!
Just a heads-up:

'Fast Striker' for the PS4, the older NeoGeo and Dreamcast homebrew, is from today on up for sale at PlayAsia as a LE and a PlayAsia exclusive ($35 including shipping).

This is the fifth shmup from eastasiasoft in their LE series for the PS4: Ghost Blade HD, Defenders of Ekron, Dimension Drive, and Shikhondo Soul Eater. (latter also on the Switch)

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