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Posted on Jan 5th 2016 at 02:52:04 PM by (Addicted)
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We all have our spot to game. This year I'm going to be building out a place to call home.
I'm taking inspiration from Slackur's game room to create a space that promotes parallel play.
I want people who visit to be able to pick up and play a game and not feel tied down to a particular spot or system.
To accomplish this I split my game room in to four areas:

1. Modern - Sit down on the futon and play some PS3, 360, Wii or X1.
2. Retro corner with Sony TV - Pull up a chair and play some classic games
3. Retro cart with Magnavox TV - Pull up a chair and play some 2600 or Intellivision
4. Bar - Sit down and play some Galaga or play a board game

I'm working on adding some custom shelving, another retro console cabinet, decorations (making it look less brown), and more places to play this year.

Suggestions are welcome and pictures below:

TV Cart (for RF only systems):

Retro Corner (I am going to build an addition to hold additional consoles and make sure disc based consoles have proper ventilation):

Right Side of futon:

Left side of futon:

Wide shot 1:

Wide shot 2: (Galaga bartop at end of bar)

Wide shot 3:

Wide shot 4:

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