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Posted on Jul 22nd 2010 at 09:44:26 AM by (Mr. Mysterious)
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Despite all the times that it was not lupus on House MD, sometimes it actually is. Lady Gaga recently disclosed that she has been tested for the disease, and she expects to be diagnosed with it. It has occurred in her family, and it is thought to be genetic. It is a manageable chronic illness, and though it is far from the worst you can come down with, you do want to stay on top of it. Lupus in an autoimmune disease, and can be deadly.

Article Resource: Lady Gaga tests borderline good for lupus

It could be bad for it to be lupus

Though lupus is significant, it isn't the worst of auto-immune diseases. It can be managed, but there's a chance it could be deadly. The five year survival rate for lupus patients is about 95 percent, and for 20 years it is about 80 percent. Typically, treatment is with immune-suppressant drugs and steroids. The drugs aren't cheap, but it won't send you running for paydayloans as quickly as other conditions.

Just what is lupus?

Lupus is a disease affecting the immune system. The immune system makes antibodies that kill germs, but a glitch within the system causes antibodies to forget the difference between germ cells and normal cells. Then the antibodies attack normal tissue, which causes issues including joint pain and fever, among others. As outlined by the Lupus Foundation, there are four types but one of the most common is systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE, which is also the most severe, which can cause problems in the kidneys, lungs, or heart, and increases chances of infection. The disease was named for the distinct red facial rash sufferers get. In the Middle Ages, this rash was referred to as being almost wolf-like, hence lupus, which means wolf in Latin.

How will this affect Lady Gaga?

Well, she only said she was borderline good, according to ABC. All that means is Lady Gaga might have it, and she may eventually need treatment. Lady Gaga has a video for her song Alejandro coming out quite soon, which a lot of individuals are anxious about. She isn't the only famous person to have gotten lupus, as Michael Jackson also had it. Some famous individuals have even died from it, like Ray Walston, Michael Wayne (John Wayne's son), previous President, though numerous say dictator, of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos, and it is thought to have also killed Louis May Walcott, the author of Little Women.

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