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Posted on Aug 29th 2020 at 08:00:00 AM by (Crabmaster2000)
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Collectorcast Episode 57: Kelsy vs Chris: Clash of Heroes

Chris and Kelsy have a casual conversation about why we love fighting games and what our favorite games in the genre are.

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Show Notes:

Intro song by:
Steven Davis - Twitter = @TheDisposedHero, Youtube = DisposedHeroVGM
Compaq Portable:
Compaq Portable II:
World Heroes:
Samurai Showdown II:
Fatal Fury Special:
Art of Fighting:
King of Fighters 95:
King of Fighters 96:
King of Fighters 97:
King of Fighters 98:
King of Fighters 2002:
Puzzle Bobble:
Neo Geo CD:
Mortal Shell:
Bravely Default 2:
Sky Kid:
Tecmo Super Bowl:
DC Fandome:
Yie Ar Kung Fu:
Karate Champ:
Street Fighter II:
Double Dragon II:
Super Mario Bros:
Killer Instinct:
Virtua Fighter:
Marvel Super Heroes:
King of Fighters XIII:
Street Fighter IV:
Smash Bros:,every%20game%20in%20the%20series.
Soul Calibur II:
Under Night In-Birth:
Dragon Ball Fighter Z:
Guilty Gear:
Bloody Roar:
Dead or Alive:
Battle Arena Toshinden:
Battle Fantasia:
Persona 4 Arena:
X-Men Mutant Academy:
SNK vs Capcom:
Capcom vs SNK 2:
Street Fighter Alpha:
Mortal Kombat:
Marvel vs Capcom:
Street Fighter x Tekken:

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