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Posted on Oct 15th 2018 at 08:00:00 AM by (Duke0619)
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Another episode of Stuck in the 80's means another chance to dive into some awesome 80's themed nostalgia, this time it's all about Halloween!  Will Duke be able to repair enough time fragments to get back to his own time?  Put it on Channel 3 to find out!

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Man, Halloween in the 80's was fun.  Bags of chips, Mary Janes, Laffy Taffies (the older ones, not the lame new ones), and Bazzoka Joes (again, the older ones, not the lame new ones).  Do they still do Necco wafers in that wax paper?  That would immediately go into the "parent" pile at candy sort time (along with a couple bags of chips, the thieves).  Of course being parent I understand now (Mary Janes and those awesome little creme chocolate/caramel things are mine), but nothing beat Halloween in the 80's.

Awesome video.  Thanks, Duke.
Good stuff, Duke. Your Pop Rocks and Sprite experiment made me laugh out loud on lunch break at work. I needed that Cheesy
Thanks for the comments guys. Bombatomba: I missed talking about so many candies but I didnít want the video too long. The necco wafers and wax lips I especially remember!  Metalfro: I love hearing when I make people laugh out loud. Thanks for telling me! 

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