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Posted on Nov 22nd 2019 at 08:18:27 PM by (Fakecollector)
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Hi, So im going to try and use this as a basis of my "Collecting"

The name "Fakecollector" is that i dont really collect anymore unless im after a certain personal goal, Currently i want a xbox 360 shelf, and that goal is whatever the outcome on what i get in 2020 But im not collecting physical media like i used to if its not in reach from local stores anymore due to many things, Be it expense, Space, or the fact that i dont want to maintain a full on collection, Anyway, Let me tell you all a story.

So back in 2006 till 2015 I was big into collecting, But only the stuff i wanted and that i played mainly spanning Sega Systems but overall i was on the hunt for arcade games or arcade like experiences and JRPG's across numerous systems, I loved my disc based systems and only really invested a small amount into specific cart systems like the Neo Geo AES, PC Engine, Sega Megadrive, and Portable Cart based systems.

I had a big enough collection at one stage, Over 500 Games total with things i wanted and played, But then i questioned myself, What i wanted and what i want to do to take it to a new personal level.

Like with many people i like having the boxes of games on my shelf, The feeling of having a library to choose from, I was tired of the console setup, and using things "Like the old days" with the CRT monitors or ways to make them feel authentic.

To me i just want to play games, And if the "original" controller is in my hands in some form then emulation is the way for me to go, I Enjoy tinkering with emulation, More ways for me to play the games how I want them to play, The PC is my platform of choice but its easy to get every game you want and then just play, So i want to take it a step further and experiment.

We have Controllers that are 1.1 replicas of originals, Wireless, Modernised, and adapters for originals anyway, I want to make specific PC Builds, Low wattage, for certain consoles, I Like building nice hardware setups with quirks and RGB Lights just to sit and look pretty and do one job for me, Things need to be made hard to make this "Emulation x Collecting thing work" Anyone can grab an old computer together and have many emulators working, but again i want to make it more personal in the things i like.

Then we come to the games themself, My idea is to make my own library of my own collections / complations
of games, And its the most fun part, I can do this via DVD but its likely i want to do this with SD Cards and label them with my own artwork, Having the cases there with my own manuals and art is just gonna be a very personal way of me doing what i want to do, Someone comes to visit, Looks at the game shelf, wants to play something and its already on a computer somewhere.

Now i know its not an authentic experience, or the purist way to play, Far from it, but thats not gonna matter if i just want to enjoy the games and feel i have a collection i put time into.

Thanks for reading, And hopefully we will see how i get on with this in the future.


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