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Posted on Jan 11th 2009 at 06:00:00 AM by (Feechy)
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I know Rob (Logical) or Dave (TraderJake) usually does these, but I want to feel special too. So here we go. Hilarious chat dialogue. Go see for yourself... I dare you. No... I super dare you times four!

 what about enough english to get yourself killed
 Lemme tru
 if we were all deaf mutes the world would be a wonderful place
 I is a foreener, I has not is no American money no point firearm at I.
 because the bears would have eaten us all a long time ago
 Fuck BEARS!
 and wolves
 and panthers
 We'd be eaten by panthers!
 What I was gonna say.
 I am so scared I'm hiding under a desk!

As you can see we are quite awesome and talk about many topics on our humble chat. Usually video games or the latest decree by the Good King of Waffle James. But sometimes we go off topic like that. So please join us. It's night, I'm scared, and I think I hear panthers.

(Go find the link yourself because I'm simple and don't know how like that)

Posted on Sep 28th 2008 at 03:08:58 AM by (Feechy)
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This is my first blog post on RFGen, and I think I should start it off with a history of my favorite series, Mother or Earthbound. The first Mother game was released in Japan on July 27, 1989. It was an interesting RPG due to how the game was played. Insteasd of the redundant, over-used story of medieval times, it takes place in the present. I won't delve into much detail so I don't ruin the story though. In short it's about a boy named Ninten (CLEVER!) who has to recover the 8 Melodies in order to save the world from evil aliens and such. Then after recovering the 8 Melodies, Ninten fights Gyigig (or Giygas, whatever you want) and saves the world. The game was very succesful in Japan, but it failed to get released outside Japan because of the SNES being released and no one wanting to buy an NES game.

The series picks up with Mother 2 or Earthbound. This game was released in America and Japan, but strangely not in Europe. Once again, only a brief story description. You play as Ness, a boy living in Eagleland. A meteorite crashes on a hill in your town, Ness and his neighbor Pokey go check it out, and a fly named Buzz-Buzz comes out of it. It tells Ness he is one of the Chosen Four and has to save the world from Giygas (What a twist!). After Ness has a battle with a Starman, they return to Pokey's house. There Pokey's mom kills Buzz-Buzz and well, we seem to have been given another asshole. BUT! Hope is not lost for the story progresses. Once again, can't say much of the story lest spoilers are to be had. But what I can say is that Itoi did an accurate portrayl on American life and shows all the problems and quirks of it. This can be from the insane Ku Kulx Klan-esque cultists to the shady real estate agents. Can't say too much more about this game, so we'll skip to Mother 3 for now.

Ah, Mother 3, what I consider to be the best of the series. A fan translation for it has also recently been completed. Mother 3 takes place in the future in which the Pig Mask Army is pillaging the land and all that good stuff. What I particularly like about this game is that it is divided up into chapters for key parts of the story. But I will only talk about the 1st chapter and the 8th chapter. In the first chapter you play as Flint, a rancher I'm guessing and father of Lucas, and oh crap... SOMEONE SET THE FOREST ON FIRE! So now, Flint has to go out and find who caused the fire. Spoilers are coming up so...FAST FORWARD! Okay now chapter 8, in this chapter you are told by the bell ringer of your town that you're living in some kind of Orwellian utopia. But all is not well because you must defeat the evil Pig King who has caused all of the damage in the past. After along journey to New Pork City, the largest city in all the land, you must find the Pig King. So after climbing this huge tower in the center of the city you've reached the room which holds the Pig King. But alas! What's this? He seems to look just like Pokey from Mother 2? What kind of black magic is this?! But from what we have yet to find out is that Pokey was up to some dastardly shenanigans that involved time-traveling so now he's gotten old but is still a cheeky little bastard. So after kicking his ass your quest is finally over, good job, have a cookie. But now onto the useless trivia. This game was originally planned to be released on the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive system as Earthbound and Mother 64. But the project was scrapped until much later after the Disk Drive was a failure. Also, the Mother 3 fan translation I mentioned early on can be found at mother3.fobby.net .

Hoped you guys liked my first blog, and I hope to make many more!

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