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Posted on Apr 7th 2014 at 06:03:56 PM by (Fleabitten)
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4/7/2014 - StarFox (SNES, 1993)

I wasn't expecting to beat this today, it was just one of those moments when you randomly do good long enough to make it to the end.

Of the few games that used the Super FX chip for 3D graphics on the SNES, I think this game utilized them the best. The framerate butchering isn't as bad as it is in the Doom port and generally isn't frustrating to play. The wireframe and polygonal graphics are crisp and don't lend to a tired digital aesthetic; it instead makes targets pop and move in a way where you always know what needs to be lazer blasted into oblivion.

It's a good game to play when you feel like button mashing but not mindlessly so, as you need to pull off some slick maneuvering as well. There are digitized voices that are cheesy and great. The music and sound effects are energy filled and grand. The story is serious yet goofy because it's being acted out by gibberish-talking animals. The contrast works perfectly somehow.

Overall a strong graphic intensive title for the SNES library that helped in its quest to boast better games. It's a bit short until you realize that there are several paths that you can take leading up to the big baddy Andross.

Recommendation: If you liked Starfox 64, give it a try.

Posted on Mar 19th 2014 at 01:16:04 AM by (Fleabitten)
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3/19/2014 - Metroid Fusion (GBA, 2002)

Metroid Fusion is awesome. It's a very worthy successor to Super Metroid. Fusion improves upon the previous game's controls, allowing the player to pull off more complicated moves smoothly. Exploring the space station setting's maze-like paths are rewarding and fun.

The art style combines organic and technological sci-fi elements to build upon the Metroid universe. Samus's quick monologues when descending elevators to newly opened sectors give insight into her character and show her determination and will to successfully complete her mission. On top of that, a few familiar beings from games past make an appearance as well.

I'm surprised this game in the series isn't as talked about as Super and Prime. It's a shame that no 2-D Metroid games have come out in over a decade. On a side note, Gameboy Player: Best Nintendo peripheral ever.

Recommendation: Play this game after you play Super Metroid.

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