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Posted on Nov 11th 2013 at 11:25:53 AM by (GameDave)
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Bottling up gamer rage is never a good idea...

Have you ever gone overboard with video game anger and done something regrettable?

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Yep, kicked a metal folding chair that went through my bedroom window as a kid. Damn you Kid Icarus!
The best story I have heard of gamer rage came from my old manager at gamestop.  When he was younger him and a friend was playing a racing game for the Supernintendo.  He kept winning and this was making his friend really angry.  It got to the point where his friend used all his force with 2 fingers in a downward motion and smashed the eject button.  This then launched the snes game in the air and with the same hand he hit the eject button he back handed the cartridge while still in air into the wall.  The game shattored and was destroyed.  It however was a blockbuster game and they just put it back in the box and returned it and surprizingly nothing ever happened.

Angry Gamer Kid.  I do not even have the basic skills of creating anything art related but how did you create your title screen and where do you go for all the music and sound affects in the video.  I really enjoyed the addition of characters as you were describing them on screen.  Expecially the end boss battle animation for castlevanie on your gameboy.
@Tadpole13: Thanks for watching! I wrote the theme song and background music. I ripped the sound effects from various games I've captured footage from. My friend and I created the Title Screen/Logo using Photoshop and Fireworks.
Old GS manager lied.

One of my front teeth was broken by a genny controller in a fight over whose turn it was.
@GameDave:Is it easy to make your own music and what program did you use?  Is it free by chance?
@GameDave: "Sorry, mom, for bein' such a turd."

Well, that's a good start. Still, I sure hope you're getting her something really nice for Christmas...

...and her next birthday...

...and Mother's Day.

You wouldn't want to be written out of her will, after all.
@Tadpole13: It definitely takes some practice to create music. The program I use is FLStudio, sadly it's not a free program.
@Zagnorch: Good call, I better get my mom a PS3 for Christmas, hers recently died.

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