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Posted on Oct 8th 2013 at 08:30:08 PM by (GameDave)
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I loved getting sick as a kid because it meant I was stuck home to play some video games!

What's your favorite video game to play when you are stuck home sick?

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GUMBY?! You're STILL sick. Sadly, there ain't no cure for it...

BTW I had trouble figuring out the proportions of the Mega Man / Rush combiner thing, myself. I was thinking more along the lines of thirds, rather than quarters. I mean, wouldn't the resulting... thing... be one-third human, one-third dog, and one-third robot? But wait, it's actually two things that are each half-robot, so the combined thingy would also be half-robot.... right? And then quarter human and quarter canine?

(God, I wish had my TI-84 with me right now)

Okay, I'll admit you're likely right about the "quarters" assessment about the whole deal. All I can say is, thank God it didn't go into logarithms...
portable RPG's.

Last time I was sick, I beat Ys.
One of my friends always plays Ascendancy (a 1995 DOS game) he has always played that game. Just recently he had a cold, I talked to him and that's what he was playing. It's a pretty good game to play while sick, I've done it. The game is all turn based, so you can play for 10 seconds or 10 hours. That's the way to go, need to get up and blow your nose? No problem, Ascendancy will wait for you.

So rarely do I get sick, I don't know if I have a single game I play. Simcity 4? I've played so much of that series though, I'd play it either way. I'm going to play it right now.....
I had cancer surgery and was down for 4 week, 300 hours of Oblivion
Hello, you should checkout

All your gaming needs when your feeling down or sick!

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