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Posted on May 16th 2011 at 03:40:37 PM by (nkjfowa)
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One important thing that I forgot to mention was my mini gaming bio. 

Ive been gaming pretty much since any logical recollection.  I remember playing Streets of Rage 2 for the Sega Genesis with my Dad.  The combination of the music, the gameplay, and the fact that it was the rare occasion that I got to stay up uber-late (9 pm!!!!) firmly cemented the game as one my favorite games of all-time.  After the Genesis my Dad received a PlayStation for Christmas, promoting me to de facto-caretaker of the system.  The PSOne was the first instance in which I went hardcore into gaming, namely reading about games in magazines, playing over my friends houses, purchasing my own games, and discussing them during lunch breaks at school (in addition to when I wasnt supposed to).  From there I later got a PS2, the first system that I officially owned, paving the way for my current tastes in gaming.  Along the way I picked up a Dreamcastthe holy grail of hardcore gaming, and later a Xbox 360 riding on the hype-wagon of the release of Halo 3 (and being thoroughly disappointedforeshadowing my ire for the system).  Of course handhelds have also made a massive impact, with the Gameboy, GBA, SP, and DS intermittently scattered throughout. 

In the summer of 2010 I officially started collecting: i.e. no longer trading in games to GameStop, scouring bargain bins, fleamarkets, Goodwills, and buying from Ebay and Amazon.  Currently I have around 250 games, with my final goal of acquiring all of the games on my wishlist (which consists of another 300 more gamesfairly limitedfor now). 

My gaming genre preferences are quite broad: RPGs, FPS, third-person Action/Adventure/shooter, puzzle, arcade, and fighting.  I absolutely will not tolerate sports games, and with the only exception of the Burnout series and the Midnight Club series, will not touch racing games.  I always am willing to purchase quirky titles, and always on the lookout for hidden gems.  With that said, I will play any game as long as it seems interesting, and  has at least one good game mechanic, I treat reviews as a ballpark estimate not a definitive source of a games worth. 

I also like to think that I am liberal in my company allegiances.  While Nintendo is my least favorite company (I generally hate Mario and his affiliatesmore on that in later entries), some of their franchises I do enjoy like: Metroid, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Kirby, and Legend of Zelda.
Even though I do own only a 360, Sony and Sega are by far my favorite companies.  And despite the many headaches attributed toward the 360, it still a great selection of games, and in my opinion the pinnacle of gaming controllers.  So in all I am relatively balanced, but Ill let my entries speak for themselves.

So in all I look forward to interacting with this community, ranting about how developers should do what I say, and learning a few things along the way.  Share some of your own gaming stories.  Thanks for readingand until next time: Hira-SUGI!!!

I can also be found on GameSpot, GameInformer, and Youtube under the same name (and of course this fine site).

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Great intro! Cant wait to hear more from you. You should keep active in the forums if you can.
As a parent, it's great to see that some fathers (and I'm sure some mothers as well) are introducing their children to gaming.  Growing up primarily in the late 70's and early 80's, I think that the nuance of video gaming was a bit scary to my parents and they tried their best to push me away from the subculture whenever they could.  Sure, they bought me a few systems, but I could tell by their actions and snide comments ("Don't you want to go outside?") that they were reluctant to embrace video gaming because there was no real proof of any benefits gained from it.  Plus, it didn't help that I pissed them off by returning a broken telescope my grandmother bought me for Christmas for my first NES..... I also love the fact that you mention going over to friends' and neighbors' homes to play video games.  Early gaming was really about social interaction and being with others, and that was a special time that I remember well.  With the advances of the internet and gaming, it seems that social interaction and gaming is at an all time high, but at what cost?  I'm not saying that it's wrong or even bad, but there does feel as if something very important was lost along the way. 

Sorry to get so whimsical/philosophical on your first post, just some thoughts that I had to get down after reading it. Smiley  I enjoyed it and am looking forward to hearing more from you.  Welcome!   

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