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Posted on Aug 15th 2007 at 08:26:01 PM by (Jagdiesel)
Posted under Work, Bizatches and their bullshit

I've come to the decision, professionally, that the biziatches I work with can take all their drama, whining, pissing and moaning, and shove it up their asses.  I am sick of hearing how much work someone has to do, all the while they are concerned with gossip and keeping tabs on what others (namely ME) are doing.  I swear, I don't need to hear them whispering "Did you see what Jag was doing on his break" or "Did you see how hawt Jag looks with that buttonup, slacks, and shitkicker boots?"  If that ain't enough, today I had to hear "Jag don't have enough to do, so let's get him to take care of this pile o'shite that noone else will do" (I read that as:  We are too lazy to do shit, so let's get Jag, the motherfuckingman to do it cuz he is so shit hot).
Yep, I have a high opinion of myself as it is, so I don't need anyone at work to try to either inflate or deflate it.  If you need help, bitches, just ask.  If you wanna bitch about stuff, that's what your old man at home is for.  Leave me alone!!!
So, I've decided to go back about 5 years, professionally, to the "this is my job, fuck everything else" tactic I employed when first hired by AmStan.  I swear, the first year there everyone thought that I was as cool as the other side of the pillow (or something to that effect).  I started this morning and have found it already having positive effects, namely that I am being left alone to do (oh my God) my job!
Bitches can KISS MY ASS!!!

Posted on Aug 14th 2007 at 01:11:13 AM by (Jagdiesel)
Posted under Gaming, NFL, sports, etc

I finally got some time to fire up the Xbox this past week.  I haven't really even looked at it in about 6 months, especially the last 2 months since my daughter was born.  Well, I have found that 2 month olds like vibrant colors and motion, so I figured I'd give it a try...  It worked!  I played some NFL Fever 2002, yep one of the games I got with my system on launch day way back when...
I found that I had saved about 20 different dynasties and that most were pretty kick ass.  I really enjoyed using my "My Guys" save and playing with a roster of players that I had spent far too much time creating (yep the whole rooster, every damn position!!!).  I never bought another football game for the Xbox, but doubt I'd have much more fun with another one.  Fever, for the $49.99 I paid on launch day, has been one of my best gaming investments.
I had thought of selling or trading off my Xbox collection, 100% boxed w/ inst, and the system box and even the original power pack (Microshaft sent me a safer, updated power cord a while back).  I had considered trading it for a riding mower, for implements for my tractor, hell I even had a trade in the works for a 280zx sportscar that fell through (on my end - cold feet).  I'm glad I kept the "old" system and plan on some Morrowind soon - gotta love having a kickass character and going on killing sprees!!!
Back in it,

Posted on Aug 11th 2007 at 03:10:30 AM by (Jagdiesel)
Posted under Jags blogging again, The Kiss My Ass Club is back

So, for the benefit of those who didn't frequent Digital Press back when we had blogs this will be your gateway into the mind of one screwed up individual.  For those who used to read the blogs there, notably mine (the best damn blog period), well yall know that the smack will be layed down and no punches pulled.  I hope, for my sake, that a little colorful language is allowed and that yall don't mind me fully expressing myself.

This will probably be a bit harder since I don't know too many folks here at RFG.  I know Tynstar, Capn Nintendo, and a few others I've talked with briefly.  Sup fellas.  I won't have the benefit of people like Asswald to razz but then again I hope that this will be well received.  If it is, cool.  If you have an issue with what I've gotta say, please please comment as I won't take it too personally and will probably respond in my own special way - don't take that too personal, folks, as that's just me being me.

So here goes the first entry in the new Palace...

There are many people out there that I admire.  Hell, I have heroes in many walks of life:  firefighters, cops, the military (yep I'm a vet and damn proud), animal rescue groups, etc etc etc.  I don't usually express my admiration well, so that's probably about the extent of "good" that you'll be reading today, friends.
There are more people out there that really get me fired up.  These folks, though, wanna be in my special club.  Well, maybe they don't but damnit I induct them anyways.  Today, we get the first entry into the Kiss My Ass Club, Version 2.1.

People who neglect animals.  Yep, those shitbags that beat their critters.  Those same asshats that don't feed their pets, the same pricks who don't provide vet care, the same turds that, when approached about their obvious shitbaggery, threaten legal action or physical harm to a person who wants to help.  These lowlifes don't deserve mention as human beings, as members of an otherwise advanced society.
There are tv shows that highlight (read:  expose) these people for what they are.  There are investigations, reports on the news, articles in magazines, and many other venues that expose these vermin for their trespasses against animal well being.
Let's take a minute to clarify something, though.  There IS a difference between coming on hard times and needing help and just being a piece of shit that ignores the needs of that animal you have.
Puppy mills.  Backyard "rescues".  Cat hoarders.  These are but a few examples of the trash I am inducting today.
So, Animal Abusers, today you become the first (of many) to hear these magic words:  Pucker up real good, throw on a little chapstick (or lipstick if you prefer), and KISS MY ASS!

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This is the home of the Kiss My Ass Club, Version 2.1, as well as the collected thoughts from a somewhat warped mind. I hope that yall enjoy the bs that is spewed here and make this blog truly interactive - feedback is cool whether or not you agree with me.
So, if you're a member of "Tha Club", pucker up, throw on some chapstick, and Kiss My Ass.
All others, read, interact, enjoy...
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