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Posted on Jan 8th 2008 at 05:02:19 PM by (James)
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Ed Note: Damn, this one hell of a well written, thorough review. I encourage you all to read this up.

I haven't listened to any Pink Floyd since quite a while before I re-ripped it at 320kbps. I'm now listening to some of it through the headphones I got for my birthday in November. It sounds so good.

The headphones are called Sharkoon X-tatic 5.1, I think rebranded as Tritton AX360 in the USA. I got halfway through writing a review of them but moved on, as I always do. I'll discard that one and start fresh...

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Posted on Oct 26th 2007 at 07:53:12 PM by (James)
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The results for the British Academy Video Games Awards were announced on Tuesday The 23rd of October. What is essentially a tech demo winning six awards doesn't sit right with me. It may well be a good game but there were much better games in some categories.

Here they are:

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Posted on Oct 23rd 2007 at 06:10:29 PM by (James)
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I had an interview at my town's football/rugby stadium this morning. They sent a taxi to pick me and someone else up, then to take us home. I was really nervous during the interview and was shaking a lot. My only other job interview was two years ago and I was on strong medicine so I didn't even know where I was. This one went well, I thought. Well enough for me to get the job.

I don't know what my role will be yet but it's either flipping burgers in the food kiosks on match days, or working in the bar/restaurant as a waiter/barman. I have an induction day tomorrow so I'll find out then. I wouldn't mind either position. Both 6pounds/hour for 12-16 hours a weekend with bonuses for working every weekend in a month, being the hardest worker, referring friends, etc.

I'm also applying for a position at my old workplace, so I could be working seven days a week.

Posted on Oct 14th 2007 at 01:49:56 PM by (James)
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My birthday is in less than a month and my gran and aunt have "given" 200 for me to buy something special for my 21st with. I say "given" because the money isn't the present. Whatever I buy will be wrapped up and handed over on my birthday. I've decided on another watch (I have four already) but I don't know what else to buy with the other ~100.

I've been interested in a pair of 5.1 Headphones for a while but the one I would like is 75 at the cheapest of only two places I can find selling them. Would a very expensive pair of headphones be a good present for myself? I'm probably only looking for reassurance but I could easily be talked out of it because of the price. They're called Sharkoon X-Tatic.

I don't want to buy more games because they get old quickly and aren't really "special". But then would headphones be "special" just because they cost a lot? I don't want to make my gran and aunt feel like they've wasted some money on me.

(The question marks in front of numbers are supposed to be pound signs)

5 minutes later: I found the headphones on a computer website I like to use for only 65 + postage which is actually free for me because of a deal with another site I use.

Posted on Oct 10th 2007 at 01:40:40 PM by (James)
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My last day of work at my old job was the 6th of September. I was made redundant because the charity ran out of money and had to close down. I'm still waiting for my redundancy pay to come through but they say it should be less than six weeks from my application (About the 13th/14th of September). I haven't really been looking for another job until the last week.

  • My old employer referred me to a careers advice group who gave me some details about a catering job at the local football stadium. I said yes to them passing on my CV, which I didn't know I had.
  • Some friends have been looking out for me and have suggested some possible jobs. One of them was at a school as a food technician, preparing ingredients for classes. I didn't apply for that because of my phobia of schools.
  • Another one was at a theatre about thirty miles away as a marketing assistant. I'm going to apply for that because it sounds interesting. It would be proof reading programmes and posters, archiving press comments, distributing posters, etc. (Feel free to correct any mistakes I make)
  • Today I signed on for Job Seeker's Allowance. Yes, I'm sponging off the givernment [sic] but at least I'm actually looking for a job this time. I was on it two years ago but I was so drugged up I shouldn't have been looking for a job at all. I need to apply to two jobs a week to be able to get any money.
  • I got home this afternoon to an email from the football stadium asking me to go for a job interview in two weeks.
  • But I know naff-all about cooking, despite two years of working in a kitchen.

Update 15/10/2007: I found out the job at the football stadium isn't actually working in the conference rooms I was originally told it would be. It's going to be flipping burgers on match days. Great. I'll go to the interview anyway because I need to show I've been doing something for the Job Seeker's Allowance.

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