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Posted on Jan 8th 2013 at 09:25:34 PM by (Kabonk)
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I have been actively collection since 1999. I continue to thrift games and buy current gen games. I love thrifting and also buy most any gaming related junk. I also board game and collect those as well. I am lucky to have a large area for my "Room of Doom" as they call them on Digital Press. I continue to fill it, but listing on ebay is a pain so my area is a huge mess.

I generally only pick up games that are higher in rarity assuming that I have most commons. This past Xmas, I gave a Genesis to a coworker so he could give it to his brother for a gift. I told him I'd give him some of my doubles and commons. When I went to find some for him, I found that I didn't have many commons I assumed that I would own (like Earthworm Jim). I decided then that I needed to get my collection inventoried.

This led me to find the RFGen Android App. This is exactly what I have been looking for. My goal now is to get my collection inventoried and organized and to create an up to date trade list and/or sell off my extras.

I am documenting my attempt at this here to keep me motivated and held somewhat accountable.

Here is a view looking into my basement

IMG_20130105_110224 by kabonk, on Flickr

Board games are shelved at the entrance area:

IMG_20130105_110238 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110251 by kabonk, on Flickr

The main sitting and playing areas:

This area has my boxes of NES games that I pulled from the storage room to start inventorying

IMG_20130105_110300 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110315 by kabonk, on Flickr

The back half of the room has video game shelves, 2 pinball machines and an arcade Asteroids deluxe. The piles are extras to be listed on ebay.

IMG_20130105_110332 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110336 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110349 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110400 by kabonk, on Flickr

Finally at the other end is my storage room:

IMG_20130105_110518 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110526 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110532 by kabonk, on Flickr

IMG_20130105_110543 by kabonk, on Flickr

I also have overstock in my garage:

IMG_20130105_110708 by kabonk, on Flickr

I'm very lucky to have a large space for my collection and a lot of good stuff. Unfortunately my area is not super conducive to showing off, or enjoying my collection.

My goal is to have my collection completely organized by the end of this year and to have my collection inventoried.

As a start; This was my Bedroom area:

I generally bring my new stuff in here first. I picked up a table to keep in here so my wife and I could boardgame and leave it set up without the kids disturbing it. It became a piling zone. I also pick up books at the thrifts and pile them by my bed until I read them and decide whether to keep or re-donate them.

IMG_20130102_084820 by kabonk, on Flickr

One day of Xmas break, I picked up a cheap table cloth and bookcase. Now my bedroom and staging area is clean.

IMG_20130105_112754 by kabonk, on Flickr

Here's hoping I can keep this up and get organized in 2013! Wish me luck!

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