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Posted on May 27th 2009 at 02:36:29 AM by (Karatekamaster)
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Just recently I got my first complete copy of Yars' Revenge and I got a new high score. After looking in the back, I found a Mission Log, otherwise known as a Hi-Scores place. Nothing had been written here from the previous owners and maybe just one entry would revive life back into the instruction manual. As I pick up the pen, something unexpected happens...

I found that I couldn't write in the Mission Log. Was there some magical power stopping me in my quest to put my first hi-score in there? Indeed there was, it was the... ATARI POWER! As you flip through the pages of the Yars' Revenge Manual, you start to feel the colorful charm the manual has. The Atari Power is gained by just reading a little bit about the game in the manual and it had taken me by storm.

Although, I was determined to beat the Atari Power, I lost in an unfortunate battle. I picked up the pen, a blue Papermate pen with a grip, and started in towards battle. The orange box with the classic Atari lettering had captured my eyes and made it difficult to focus on the target. I had started to feel the guilt once I put the tiniest dot on the line and I suddenly stopped. I couldn't do it, especially having a horrible score of 44,808, which is great for me. The Atari Power had won and saved me from doing a horrible action!

Though, if I ever got one million points, I would for sure put that in there because that is awesome! So, when you ever want to write in the Hi-Scores place in the back of the Atari 2600 game manual, stop and look through the pages. Embrace the Atari Power!

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