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Posted on Oct 17th 2009 at 04:03:43 PM by (LAGO)
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I've got a friend from high school who has always loved adventure games.  Mainly the Lucas Arts adventure games, Monkey Island and that ilk.  As it turns out every year he gets an itch to play The Dig.  Said itch is currently in the process of getting scratched.

Many moons ago he let me borrow this game, but my computer was to slow to run it.  I never got around to playing it.  Plus I am atrocious at adventure games.  So my friend, in the spirit of old fashioned competition, issued the following challenge:

Complete "The Dig"  the way we used to play video games before the internet.  No cheats, no FAQS, and no help from him or anyone else.  Well GAME ON!  I'll keep this blog updated as I progress through the game/pull my hair out in frustration.

I think its only fair I issue a counter challenge to him.  I'll decide on that in the next few days.  I've a couple ideas already.  Turns out his main motivation for the challenge is to see how long it takes me to complete the game.  Knowing my inherent lack of ability when it comes to adventure games, I will be following this theme in my blog for the next couple of decades.

Wish me luck!  I'm gonna need it.

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