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Posted on Aug 10th 2016 at 04:32:10 PM by (Sony PlayStation 1 Sanctuary Channel)
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Hello To All Sony PlayStation 1 Fans!

I have been on RFGeneration for the past 7 1/2 years but never had made a post as the SP1SC!  I would like to introduce myself to all Sony PlayStation 1 Fans.  My name is Jimmy Lynn Sanchez, I am 34 years old, and reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Formerly of Virginia Beach, Virginia). 

I have collected all things Sony PlayStation 1 since 1997 and have ran the Sony PlayStation 1 Sanctuary Channel on YouTube since May 2015.  Prior to that I was once the owner of the Lancaster City Dragonrats, a very popular YouTube page that ran from 2007-2010 before I was forced to shut it down by my former employers.  I am the proud owner of nearly 2,000 Sony PlayStation 1 Games, and a bunch of the PS1 Models from North America, Japan, and Europe. 

Now that have established a firm fan and subscriber base on YouTube and I also would love to engage more with collectors and gamers alike, I finally bring this blog to the masses, or at least to the RF Generation Website. 

My YouTube Channel is nearly all things PS1, I very rarely put up something not for the PS1, usually PS4, or something very random to the site and I invite everyone that sees this blog to check it out.  I always am taking requests on what should be put on the channel.  I run a Pickups Video every week I get something in, lately I have started a Let's Play Series and also put up a random quickie for something obscure, but eventually want to put a video of every game ever made for the PS1 as I am working towards that goal.  Anyone that is a user of RFGeneration can see what I have for the PS1 and that makes it a lot easier to request, since you know I will have the item available.  To find me on YouTube, you can search Sony PlayStation 1 Sanctuary Channel or go to

I am also on Patreon, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Twitch as well!

Hope to hear from all of you and hope you like the channel!

Jimmy Lynn Sanchez
Sony PlayStation 1 Sanctuary Channel

Posted on Dec 27th 2009 at 04:28:32 PM by (Sony PlayStation 1 Sanctuary Channel)
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Hello Guys and Gals!!,

2009 was an excellent year for us, our YouTube channel has seen almost 800,000 hits since February and although I personally had no commercial deals or any major news, this was the best year ever!!  We came so close to the 2,000 game goal, we made it to 1,920, however the 50 system goal was obliterated!!  We made it to 59 (60 if you want to count the non-operational Colecovision) systems as of December 27th!  In 2010, our website has a goal to hit 2 million hits, reach 1,500 videos (yes I said I would reach 1,000 by 2010 and only ended up at 551!), and nail 2 commercial deals and to get help from the biggest and brightest.  For the first time since 1998, the Lancaster City Dragonrats are going to recruit for new people to help the Dragonrats become the Kings of the Gaming Universe again like we did in the Mid-1990's with major victories in the Mortal Kombat Tourneys, and also NFL Blitz and to start a great revolution that started in Southeastern Pennsylvania that eventually reached Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Virginia Beach and now abroad to Japan, Puerto Rico and England!!  As the Co-Founder, along with Janos "Johnny" Meszaros and the few remaining members of the Class of 1995's induction, we plan on making the 15th year of our group the best ever!!  We will not be as picky as we were in 1995, but we need to have only the most knowledgeable and best to help us so if you want to volunteer for the Dragonrats let us know!  We are looking for people to make videos, write reviews and to kick butt in tournaments, we have not won an allout tournament since 2003.  I have since retired as a professional gamer, however I will always help out to the younger community!  Please email me with any questions you have at and as always check out my YouTube Channel at

Many Thanks, Cya in 2010!!
Jimmy Lynn Sanchez

Posted on Aug 25th 2009 at 01:21:26 AM by (Sony PlayStation 1 Sanctuary Channel)
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As gamers and die hard collectors, we have a responsibility to buy new and old games and systems.  I started my current collection in 2007 with 1 system and 5 games, now I have 40 systems and 1,700 games!  In that time, I have been to about a half dozen game stores, and some I stopped going to due to horrible service, bad people, bad selection, etc.  But for the stores that deliver great service and selection, I have spent literally thousands of dollars at a few fine stores!  In the next 4 months my goal is to break 2,000 games and 50 systems in my collection.  If anyone is interested in helping me out or want to give me advice or the great stores that they go to (Internet or Local - Virginia Beach, VA), please let me know!  Gamers Unite!!

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