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Posted on Aug 22nd 2010 at 03:03:50 PM by (Moriya Hanzo)
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After anxiously waiting for the end of august to get here and my vacation time to kick in, we did our final walk through and i was ready to move right then and there. The excitement is here because i know in 2 years i will be owning this place. Tired and sore from the move, i sit in what is now my media room or mancave as we like to call it. What to do with all this space is the question. I have downsized my collection these past few months because of space and the lack of gaming due to stress and other personal reasons. Now the stress has been lifted and i am ready to get back to what i have always enjoyed. Enough of me rambling......

So i have a nice split level that is finished. The only bad about the room is no AC and the fact i have to go through the laundry just to get to it. The space is great though, i have a big storage room that leads to the back yard that is big enough to hold some arcade cabinets but that will be in the near future. Nothing is unpacked yet so when i get my camera i will snap some pics for you guys. All i need is a theme, like what color combination should i do? Any help would be great from you guys and gals.

Posted on Mar 4th 2010 at 05:04:10 PM by (Moriya Hanzo)
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Do you ever feel.....sad.....for those loose games out there in the world. They have been passed over time after time after time by countless people. Never to see the light of day in a console ever again? No matter how bad we want it, we still pass it up with hopes of finding the same game complete.

Well yesterday i was out with the kids letting them spend there allowance money. We stopped by gamestop and there in the back was a end rack with some xbox games listed with a 50% off tag. We have been looking for some at some decentprices since i got the Halo Xbox back around christmas. They had some good titles too like Ninja Gaiden Black, King of Fighters, Beyond Good & Evil and then the cheapos. Prices were good for me to buy but..........they were all disc + manual or disc only. I was angry that Ninja Gaiden Black was disc only cause i really wanted that one. Needless to say i sighed and walked away. Not even at 75% off would i buy disc only games. We all associate disc only with those deep and ugly scratches that sometimes bust a console.

I feel so bad for those orphans......

Posted on Dec 10th 2008 at 01:36:55 AM by (Moriya Hanzo)
Posted under Imports, Wonderswan

Today i was out with the misses doing a little shopping for her. After a few stops and i finally found her gift, that is for another time, i proceeded to drop her off at work since her car is in the shop. On the way back home i decided to stop at goodwill since i haven't been to this particular one in months. Nothing really of interest except a bundled N64 and a few spawn comics. Right up the road is a mom and pop gaming shop that i use to visit at least 3 times a week up until i found a new job in the city we live in. So i decided to stop in there because i can't remember the last time in there. Her prices are usually high (some even higher than ebay). I have purchased a few smaller dollar items from her in the past as well as traded in a few games that i couldn't sell or trade online. A pone browsing the glass display that she has the systems in, I noticed this tiny hand held that was sitting next to a copy of Fire Emblem for the SFC. It was a Swan Crystal. I was shocked to see her actually have this since she said she doesn't except imports. It was there along with Final Fantasy II. I ask the guy could i see the "Crystal" and he pulled it out and popped in the game. He starting telling me about where it came from and all (I knew more than he knew). This is the first time i have ever seen one in person so i had to play it. I fiddle around with it for a few minutes, trying to get the button layout and all. It is a pretty neat system, aside from the fact that most of the games aren't English friendly. I remember how i had wanted one back in 2005 but things changed and i never got around to it. Now i am like a kid again, i gotta get me one soon.

The import seen is kinda dwindling in the US. I admit i stopped playing imports back in 2006 due to lack of funding. Still have a copy of Front Mission for Super Famicom but no Super Famicom to play it on. I have started playing Gundam again on my Playstation and i think the love is coming back. If you haven't at least tried some import games that were never released stateside i think you should. Can we really call are selves game enthusiast if we haven't experienced what is to offer in other countries? There are a few hidden gems out there that quite possible might be better than what is offered today. Do yourself a favor and look into imports, more so of the previous generation. 

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