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Posted on Dec 14th 2008 at 08:24:17 AM by (NESman93)
Posted under Chrono Trigger, modern gaming, Nintendo, DS, RPG

  I am seeing that Chrono Trigger on the DS is a port of the original SNES RPG with new touch screen features in the game. I also have a lot of the fans of the game on this site saying that it is a game that I have got to play. So I'm wondering...should I use this game to experience the game, or should i just track down the cart version for the SNES. It seems easier to just get the DS version. What do some of you think?

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I would get the DS version if you want it to play and not collect. The DS gives you the ability to play it anywhere and has a more reliable save system.
I certainly don't see why this is a blog...
@The Metamorphosing Leon:Yeah, I think you (NESman93) would get more responds if you'd have posted this in the forums instead.

People don't check the blogs as much as they check the forums. (Except for maybe the front page blogs)
@Sirgin:I didnt really think about that
The DS version has an update translation so a few spots are a bit less odd in terms of the on screen text. I managed to get one of the first run copies with the poster which seems to no longer be in stores around me. You wont go wrong picking it up either way though and especially if you have yet to play it. If you do collect SNES though and have yet to add Chrono you eventually will if your an RPG fan.

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