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Posted on May 31st 2009 at 10:38:15 PM by (NESman93)
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Well, the latest in the Guitar Hero series, Guitar Hero Metallica, is a god-send for both Guitar Hero and Metallica fans alike. I am talking here about the Wii version, which may not look as good as the 360 or PS3 versions, but is still a good enough version.

Just as with any Guitar Hero/Rock Band game, the difficulty increases with each level. However, Guitar Hero Metallica, just like World Tour, has an extremely easy, beginner level. This beginner level has no notes, and is basically for those who have just started playing and need to get used to strumming on the guitar controller. If you play the games as a drummer, and want to really prove how skilled you are at the drums, you can go one step beyond the hardest difficulty. You can change the drum difficulty to Expert+, which has you add an extra kick pedal to get the experience of using a double bass drum setup, just like Lars Ulrich. 5/5

The game plays just as you'd expect a Guitar Hero game to play. The game is set up, however, just like Guitar Hero World Tour, from the Rock Star/instrument creator down to the neck slider notes. Also, whenever you play a Metallica song, you actually get a chance to play as Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo, Lars Ulrich, or James Hetfield, depending on what position you are playing in the band. I am impressed by the number of guitars that are in the game, which as many of you know are actually axes used by Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield. There are also drums used by Lars Ulrich, and Basses used by Robert Trujillo. The gameplay has a completely different energy simply because it is music by Metallica, as well as other bands such as Motorhead, Mastodon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mercyful Fate, etc. 5/5

The Wii surprisingly can present Guitar Hero Metallica very well, considering it is not as graphically powerful as the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. The characters look decent enough, except for certain features, such as wrinkles, are not as detailed. Also, I've noticed that whenever you play a Metallica song, the hair on Robert Trujillo and Kirk Hammett do not move when they move. The same is true for all long haired characters in the game. This goes for such as Axel Steel, Clive Winston, and Marcus Fretshredder. Other than that, the graphics are decent enough to be thoroughly enjoyed.4/5

This department is where Guitar Hero and Rock Band games shine the brightest. I have played both the 360 and Wii versions of this game, and I have heard no audio differences between the two. The large list of Metallica songs, as well as the other artists' songs, sound very high quality,and as i said earlier, I have heard no audio differences between the different versions.5/5

Even for a system as low-powered as the Nintendo Wii, Guitar Hero Metallica is presented very well. I am impressed by the graphics, despite the fact that they are not as smooth as the PS3 or 360.

Final Score:19/20=95%

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I've been thinking about picking this one up

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