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Posted on Jan 16th 2008 at 12:22:44 AM by (Ando)
Posted under Xbox 360, Idiocy

First blog post. Woot? This is something that didn't seem important enough to make a full topic about, but I still want to publicly yell at myself.

My 360 recently got the RRoD. I got the box to send it back to Microsoft, packed it all up, good times, blahblahblah. I then realized I didn't include the paper with my Support Number on it. D:< I'm not sure how that's going to affect my sending in of the console, 'cause I can't just rip the rly sticky tape off and put it back on. I'm waiting for a response back from Microsoft. Meh. Worst case scenario I have to wait another week for a new box. Blargh.

Moral of the story: The Red Rings suck. Or is it double-check your packages? I don't know.

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Whoops. Hopefully everything works out.
Here the papers dubbed it as "bricking". As that's about all the system can be used for if you don't end it back, a brick.
Best of luck dude.
Well, I got the email back (is it just me or is everyone in Xbox Customer Support an Indian female?). Apparently, it's best for the paper to go inside the box.

Who would have thought.

She said I could write the support reference number on the box itself, but that's a last resort. So... maybe I'll tape the paper to the box?

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