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Posted on Nov 22nd 2008 at 12:04:42 PM by (Nik the Russian)
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Oh, hi! A lot of birthdays happened lately, so I'll have to be short.

November 19, 1998 (10 years ago): Half-Life is released (on PC; the updated PS2 version appeared three years later ).

I hope I don't have to explain as to why this is important: it is a very fun FPS game. It also has a very fun sequel, lots of spin-offs and expansions, and about a zillion mods. Back in '98, Valve managed to make a shooter which was cinematic, and yet didn't have a single cut-scene in it. If you missed it, or lost your disk or something, Steam has it right now for $0.98 (that is 98 CENTS). For best enjoyment, use the original version (not the Half-Life Source), but do install the High Definition Pack (paste this url into your browser with Steam running, no quotes: "steam://installaddon/halflifehd").

Also, some day we may have a very updated version of the original game thanks to the guys at Black Mesa Source. With the help of supportive community, those awesome people spent the last three years or so converting the original Half-Life into Source engine (as in fully, and not just the water, like in Half Life Source). Before you say "what's taking them so long", go and check out their screenshots and such. Be amazed.

November 21, 1990 (18 years ago): Super Famicom is released in Japan. That is, of course, the Japanese SNES. One of the most popular 4th generation consoles. There are about a hundred awesome titles for this console, most of them beginning with "Super".

November 21, 1990 (18 years ago): Super Mario World is released as a launch title for the Super Famicom. This also means that Yoshi celebrates his 18th birthday as well.

November 22, 1994 (14 years ago): Sega Saturn is released in Japan. While the Saturn could not compete with the 5th generation powerhouses (PlayStation and N64), this console is very fun to collect for. Lots of great games (NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon series, Shining series, Grandia, nice SNK and Capcom fighting games, lots of shmups, and many others).

November 21, 1991 (17 years ago): The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is released in Japan. Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be a very popular Zelda game.

November 21, 1998 (10 years ago): The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is released. I am sure that this game turned many N64 owners into Zelda fans.

November 21, 1998 (10 years ago): Dance Dance Revolution is set up in arcades for the first time. Can you believe this was 10 years ago? I can't. I thought DDR machines existed since the beginning of the world (and the j-pop killed the dinosaurs).

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Half-Life is the best shooter I've ever played. Smiley

A lot of things happened on the 21st Nov, maybe a special date?

It's the perfect date before Christmas, I think.
My only real memory about Half-Life is that it was the first game that I ever downloaded for my computer. It took almost a month and when my parents got the bill for the dialup internet it was double the price because I'd stayed online so long.

I don't download games anymore but I remember it was really cool to do when I was in grade 11.
"I hope I don't have to explain as to why this is important".
I'm not really a shooter fan and I've never played half-life. I know its popular, but if someone could expand on the significance of this game for me I'd appreciate it.

Other than that there were some pretty big B-days up there. Is it coincidence that two zelda games were launched on the same day, or are they usually released around that time?

I missed out on the Saturn and am just currently getting to know it. So far I love it. As soon as I get a new battery for it i'll be rocking my copy of Dragon Force I found for $1.82!!!
It seems like a lot of stuff is released this time of year probably because as Bad Enough Dude said, it's the perfect time away from Christmas. This whole generation of consoles was released this time of year.

@Crabmaster2000:I apologize, I should've been more clear, I just tried to keep it short. In my analysis, Half-life made an impact due to the
1) use of scripted sequences
2) continuous gameplay (not interrupted by cutscenes, or "end of level" screens
3) darn good graphics for the time
4) a varied gameplay (action sequences mixed with puzzles; IMO the game is almost never boring or repetitive)
5) (this is more personal opinion) the protagonist is not the usual FPS "tough guy", but instead an MIT grad; as my friend once said "he is a geek who pwns".
I understand that some modern players may not see what is so special about Half-Life, since its main features are in every shooter nowadays and are taken for granted.

Regarding Zelda: it is interesting that two Zelda games came out on the same day, kind of like Fallout 1 and 2 came out on the same day. It does not hold true for other Zelda games: they are kind of spread out, and Link's true b-day is in February.

Dragon Force for $1.82!?? Dude. Finding it cheaper than $50 (case+manual) is usually a good deal. Great game.
Why did you show the craptacular PS2 version of HL? Cheesy
@Tondog:Because our database needs more images, and I do not have the original PC box, neither can I upload or link my own (or someone else's) images. I know, sucks. (I never played the PS2 version, but I understand it has the High Definition Pack built-in, and has an exclusive story to play. As to "craptacular", I would not know.)
Thanks for the extra info. I appreciate it. I remember a lot of friends talking about Half-Life when it first came out. It'll probably be one of those things I discovery how awesome it is waaaaaay after everyone else is done with it.

Yeah I was pretty psyched to find Dragon Force at that price. It was CIB also by the way. Once i'm done that one I also got Shining Wisdom, Dark Savior, Sonic 3D Blast, Tomb Raider, Norse by Norsewest and a couple others all CIB for the same low price of $1.82 each.

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