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Posted on Oct 11th 2008 at 07:54:18 PM by (OatBob)
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What do you do when a game is no longer fun?

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Weekends are for rest.  They are also for recreation, or if you're the type of person who frequents this site, weekends are for gaming.  You've already worked a long week, and provided The Boss doesn't call you in on Saturday (mine did Sad) you deserve a little time to let the mind be in a world other than the one that surrounds you.  Now here is a question...

What happens when gaming becomes your second job?

Has a game ever enslaved you.  You put in time and fail to make any progress.  You get stuck on that same level at that same spot.  You've cleared everything but the final boss which requires nothing but grinding away to level up towards a distant victory.  Maybe it got too hard, or boring.  There is only so much you can do.

Quit.  The loser's way out, but keeps you from wasting time.  Time you could be using to be playing something better.
Keep playing. You're not made of weaksauce.  Hard games are hard.  Deal with it.
Get help.  An online tutorial might cover something you missed.  Maybe there is a technique to help you reach your goal faster.  Additionally, sidequests or performing special stunts might open up a new way of playing a previously completed title. 
Gamesaving grace The #2 timesaving option.  If it is only a matter of gold accumulation or leveling up why grind?  Cheat codes might also give you what you need to get the job done faster and make it more exciting in the process.  Don't overuse this one.  The only person you're cheating is yourself.
Break it.  The game had it coming.  You made a purchase and you'll find your amusement somehow.  If the game is lousy enough it will likely have no resale value, so you'll have to fuel your amusement with your imagination.  Snapping a disc is simple and to the point, but inserting a cartridge into a toaster (highly NOT RECOMMENDED) will surely bring forth satisfaction and toxic fumes.  Drink coasters and skeet shooting targets are other alternatives.

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I'm writing a paper this quarter about my entertainment addiction. WoW last year was more than a full time job...
I've never been addicted to a game to be considered even close to a second job. The most I've ever put into a game is an hour or two a night for a few weeks. I just can't sit still long enough to play games longer  than that in one sitting.

Any time I get stuck or bored with a game, I just quit playing. I've got so too many to bother playing I game that's too hard or long or boring. Although sometimes I wish I had beaten more than a couple of my games.
I also hate when I'm really into a game and something distracts me from it and I can't play for a couple days, but then I can't go back to it because I don't remember what I was doing or the controls are specific and hard to re-learn. So I end up just never playing it again. I did that with Super Mario Galaxy, but I didn't get very far, so I'll just restart that one someday.

I try to get help if it's a game that I have been enjoying playing. If I start to get bored in it though I'll probably just quit.
Depends on the game. Most of the time, I quit.
If I can't pass a certain point in a game I'll do the following:

1) Retry a couple of times to see if I can improve something here and there.
2) If that doesn't work I'll look up a walkthrough to see if I'm missing something obvious or doing something wrong.
3) If that still doesn't help I'll quit the game and move to something new.

Having fun is most important to me when I'm playing the game. "Bragging" about what games I've beaten or playing games with the sole purpose of beating them isn't really my thing. There really isn't much to brag about anyway, I beat maybe 5 games a year.

A good example for me was Scarface: The World is Yours. I loved everything about the game when playing (even though it's a GTA rip-off), had the best time ever. About 65% through I get to a mission where I have to protect the live of this guy who owns a restaurant in South Beach. Hard as hell (even the walkthrough said so), the AI of the guy you're protecting is crap and he's dead after only a couple of shots. I tried it for almost 15 times, still not good enough. Never played the game since.
OatBob: It's great to see that you worked on the site on Saturday. Yeah.... but if you could also come in on Sunday it'd be appreciated... Thanks....

See, I'm tough and masochistic, so when a game starts givin' me crap, I keep playing and playing until I beat that thing.
Call it the looser's way out, but I get 2 days off a week, what little time I get to play games better be enjoyed playing something I want to play.  If gaming feels like work, it makes me sick and very miserable.  I'd rather quit and move on to something more fun.  Now that I'm single again, it better be a fun game.
If I'm really stuck, I'll take a break from it for awhile. Then when I come back to it (days, weeks, or even months later), I usually have a fresh perspective and can get past the obstacle.

If I'm totally obsessed with moving forward and just am unable, I'll get help in most cases to see if I've overlooked something.

I won't quit. No game will beat me, no matter how long it takes.
They all fell down before my knees. Never have I encountered a game - that has a proper ending - that I could not beat.

I spent weeks to beat Battletoads (NES). I played overnight to see the end of Flashback.

This is completely ludacris. Heck yeah I would play WOW or whatever just to maintan order in the WOW or be a badguy but to be honest i would do it. I would do it. Question how much would it pay. Personally I would do this in terms of Phantasy Star. It got annoying with the BSODErs and cheaters.

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